Ice Hockey star, Adam Johnson’s girlfriend found an engagement ring he hid at their apartment after his death, reveal family friends



Late Ice Hockey star, Adam Johnson had plans to propose to her before his sudden death.


His girlfriend, Ryan Wolfe heartbreakingly found the engagement ring he was planning to use to propose to her at their apartment in England, family friends said.


The 29-year-old American ice hockey star was killed after a skate slashed his throat in a collision during a match for the Nottingham Panthers against Sheffield Steelers on October 28. 


But now it’s emerged he was going to ask Wolfe, 24, to marry him after his family to her of his intentions following the discovery of the ring.

‘His grandmother told me that he had shown her (Johnson’s grandmother) the ring before he left and he was going to propose at some point,’ Scott Pionk, whose son played college hockey with Johnson, told USA Today.


They’re also reporting that a second friend of the Johnson family – who wished to remain anonymous confirmed Pionk’s account.


Wolfe and Johnson had been dating for over a year and it’s claimed he bought the ring before they moved to England for his ice hockey career.

She gave an emotional eulogy at his funeral in Minnesota last week – calling him her ‘everything.’


You’ve been so amazingly supportive and kind to me since the day we met,’ she said, with her sister alongside her.


‘And I couldn’t have been more grateful for it. I always thought that maybe if I was lucky enough, after a lifetime together, that I might start to be more like you. 

Ice Hockey star, Adam Johnson


‘You’re such a special person, you have the best sense of humor, the biggest heart, the quickest wit and the kindest soul. You’re unbelievably loyal, dedicated and smart. You’re so, so smart. 


‘Whether it came to school or life in general, you just seem to have it all figured out, which gave me so much peace and comfort, and made me feel like we could do anything, or be anything, and we’d be OK. We’d be happy.’

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