Interview with a Nigerian Prostitute.

Sex sells!


This True confession of a Prostitute will shock you!

With the call for the legalisation of prostitution by one of the biggest human rights group in the world, Amnesty International, focus is once again drawn to the life prostitutes live. Sources  spoke with some prostitutes who shed light on their lifestyle and the workings of the world’s oldest profession.

When the election of a president for the National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes was reported in the media, several reactions trailed the effrontery of these women who before now used to ply their trade in fear of social stigmatization.

The boldness of the new president, Jessica Elvis, who allegedly swore to have sex with Cristiano Ronaldo, a sex symbol and Real Madrid of Spain player, and a popular Nigerian celebrity, to show as her major achievement, during her tenure, was enough to arouse the curiosity of anambrariansnews. Our correspondent sought out branch members of the association who spoke about their life in the world’s oldest profession.

For Folaji, her reason for joining the profession not only shocks; it is also ironical. According to her, “I was sexually abused as an adolescent, so I chose to engage in it to maltreat guys in return. I’m happy with what I do. Since I was introduced to this line of work, I’ve had no regrets because I want payback.”

Souces met with one at a photographic studio where an acquaintance was struck. Subsequently, it was agreed that a meeting be held at a bar in Owode-Igbona Area of Osogbo, Osun State, where those of her ilk usually frequent. Being an acquaintance, she was relaxed to open up and disclosed that she started out at Angle 90, Asipa-Igbona Area of Osogbo.


How do you get customers?
Travelling to different places will allow you to meet different people; through them you can also be connected to others. Also, connection comes through our mentors who are well connected to special people like politicians and other well known people in the society.

How many men do you service per day?
It’s not your business.

Are you a graduate of any of these tertiary institutions?

You are not educated at all?
Are you calling me an illiterate? There are thousands of people that have graduated from tertiary institutions that are also in this job. I dropped out of school when I no longer had a sponsor. I needed to find a way for myself to survive because I have siblings and I want them to go to school.

You receive different calls, mostly from married men, are they also your customers?
How can? Of course, not all the calls I receive are for ‘work’, but some are. We make money through them without interfering with their homes. We render a service and they pay us money. It’s all about their satisfaction. We have no business with their wives.

Are you in a relationship?
Not really. I have costumers that patronise me but I can assure you that I haven’t seen one who I can go into a relationship with because I need a man who will satisfy me with everything he has. I can never marry someone that patronises prostitutes.

Why not?
Keep that aside; you are just a friend.

Don’t you hope to get married?
Very soon, as soon as I meet Mr. Right.

You recruit young girls to join this business, why do you do such a thing when you know it is against the law?
It’s not by force; it is their choice.

How do you protect yourself from diseases?
We have doctors that are also our customers and they advise us. Some of us are also professionals in the medical line. We also go for check-up.

When some customers choose not to use condom, how do you protect yourself then?
I can’t allow such; I always insist on condoms. His money cannot buy me health.

Do you ever think of quitting?
Though many times I’m not happy with what I do and I even cry privately but I still have my siblings to take care of. I will quit whenever I see Mr. Right.

Do your siblings know your line of work?
No. How can I let them know? They would stop listening to me when I advise them over issues like this.

During an interview with Daily Guide after winning the recent election which was held on August 9, in Lagos, the newly-elected president, who was also secretary from 2002 to 2015, for The National Association for Nigerian Prostitutes, Jessica Elvis Oluchi, said ‘you are not to call us prostitutes rather, we are peacemakers,’ what can you say about her statement?
Of course, we make peace and give happiness to men by satisfying their needs.

Prostitutes want the trade to be legalised in Nigeria, what is your opinion?
They are seeking for power, government’s approval and protection. They are well connected with government officials and this gives them the courage to call for it.

What are the dangers in this line of work?
This work is full of dangers; only those who survive are experts in it. There is the danger of contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea, HIV/AIDs, especially if one indulges in unprotected sex. Then there is the most fearful danger which is the risk of being killed for rituals. Many people have died while others have been struck with sickness because they were used for rituals. You must have heard many cases about this but the reality is that no one knows whether she will survive or not.

Some consult herbalists for protection in this work, what can you say about it?
Some try to protect themselves from evil people while some use it to dupe their customers.

Our reporteralso spoke with a former prostitute:
Can you share your experience with us?
Finding myself in that line of work is the biggest tragedy of my life. It is a work that one’s children cannot inherit and a story that cannot be shared with the next generation. Anyone that engages in it is like a drunkard who doesn’t know what she is doing until she is sober. When you are in it, you enjoy it, but it is not easy to quit because you are addicted to it. You might also have had sex with men who may turn out to be your spouse’s friends and you will always be uncomfortable whenever you see them with your husband. You will also live in constant fear of your spouse finding out about your past. Also, when you get married, you may not be satisfied with your spouse due to different tastes you have had. If not for God’s grace, you may still be cheating on your spouse by looking for another man who can satisfy you better than your husband. It’s not everyone that does the job that is happy about it but when there is no other means to survive, you are forced into what you dislike.

What can you say about prostitutes being victims of ritual killing?
Some weeks ago, a 23-year-old lady, Titi was murdered in Abeokuta, Ogun State and she was thrown off a moving Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) on the Abeokuta-Lagos Expressway. Another was killed by a suspected ritualist and her body was discovered at Olomoore ditch, also in Abeokuta. Prostitutes face this all the time. I know those who engage in human rituals will not go scot-free.

What can government do as regards prostitution?
I believe government is at fault because education is so expensive that for some to meet up with paying their fees, they go into prostitution. However, some ladies are also greedy and they chase after money so as to compete with their friends and they make this money through prostitution.

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