It’s time for us to expose these lies and free people from these religious manipulations – Clergyman Able Damina rubbishes Pastor Adeboye’s claim of drinking tea with God many years ago

Religious War!



Clergyman Able Damina has rubbished Pastor Adeboye’s claim that he drank some tea with God many years ago.


While preaching to church members sometime back, Adeboye said he went for a Ministration with his wife in Ilorin, Kwara state and God joined him to drink tea.


In his words;

‘’I was in Ilorin years, ago. We were having breakfast. We have a pot in which we make tea. There are five cups in that pot. My wife and I take the tea. I took one cup, she took one cup. I took one and she took one. Then I picked the pot to take the third one and the pot was empty. I looked at her, I couldn’t remember when she took the third one. What happened to my tea?

And then I heard the voice of the lord loud and clear and said ‘ Son, when you prayed, you invited me to join you

Some of you don’t know why I call him Daddy! We have a relationship that is difficult to describe”


Damina appears not to have believed the story and during his sermon, fired shots at Adeboye. He said;

‘’Somebody say he drank tea with God. When you read the bible, God said If I were hungry, I will not ask you what food do you have? I don’t eat human food. My son, Give me your heart. He said If I wanted a house to live in, I wouldn’t live in your house, the cattle upon a thousand hill belongs to me, I own it all. I don’t need any of these things. You need them, I don’t. What I need is your heart.

I forgot to ask what brand of tea it was so we could all start drinking that brand. Peradventure, God may join us to drink.

It is time for us to expose all these lies free people from religious manipulation and bring them into Christ emancipation. Our loyalty is to Christ. There is only one person who died and that is the person we owe our loyalty to. I will only honour men who honour him.”


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