Jackie Chan shares a cute story about Bruce Lee

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Michael Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (9119688ag) Jackie Chan 'The Foreigner' film premiere, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 05 Oct 2017

The world is a sad and terrifying place a lot of the time. But every now and then, there are moments of brightness among the gloom. Yesterday Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee provided us with one of those bright moments.

Jackie Chan talking on a cell phone: Jackie Chan, a fan of hugging, embraces Jet Li in 2007.

Jackie Chan, a fan of hugging, embraces Jet Li in 2007.From the official @BruceLee Twitter account Lee shared a heart-warming story involving history’s two biggest crossover martial arts stars’ Jackie Chan and, of course, Bruce Lee.

The story comes direct from Chan and takes place on the set of 1973’s Enter The Dragon.

That movie, one of the most influential action films of all time, was shot at a time when Lee’s fame and notoriety were sky high. However, Lee would not get to enjoy the incredible acclaim the film earned. He sadly passed away from a brain aneurysm months before the film got its US release.

Also in the film, for a brief second, is Chan. Watch below as Chan describes his blink-and-you-miss it appearance in the film and a sweet moment it garnered between him and his hero.

“I was behind the camera, waiting, waiting, I just see Bruce Lee—pa-pow, pa-pow, pa-pow—then I just run up and… BOOM!,” said Chan as he described the moment he launched himself into one of the many excellent fight scenes featured in Enter the Dragon.

“Suddenly my eyes turned black because [Lee hit me with] one stick, right on my head. He missed [the stunt]! But I just do nothing and I felt a little dizzy, but it was OK. I look at Bruce Lee and Bruce Lee doesn’t do anything. And he looks at everybody and keeps acting. He turns around, back to the director and says, “Cut!” And he just throws the two sticks down and turns around, “Oh my God!” He runs to me and lifts me up. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” And, actually, I’m not in pain anymore because [I’m a] young guy, very tough. But for something, I don’t know why, I pretend it’s very painful. “Oh, ow, ow,” I just want Bruce Lee to hold me for as long as he can.”

Chan added that then, for the whole day of filming, when he and Lee would exchange glances at each other, Lee would hit him with a smile and a salute. Chan said that later Lee came over and asked his name and asked what style he was training in.

The 19-year-old Chan would go on from his Enter the Dragon appearance to star in a number of Hon Kong produced action hits, including Drunken Master and New Fist of Fury. During the 1980s Chan grew into China’s biggest star, with roles in The Big Brawl and Police Story. In the 90s Chan’s appeal crossed over to audiences outside of China, with the 1995 hit Rumble in the Bronx.

That movie paved the way for Chan to land his biggest US role to date; Rush Hour. Since then Chan has starred in a plethora of action and comedy movies both in the US and his native China.

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