Jenelle Evans Calls Only Fans Pathetic, Dances in Skimpy Lingerie on TikTok Instead


Jenelle Evans is not the brightest crayon in the box, is she?

She’s shown us just how dull she is many, many times.

Jenelle Evans Eyebrow Kit

If you’re really not familiar with what we’re talking about, you can watch literally any episode of Teen Mom 2 (before she got fired, of course).

That’s where you can see classic moments like the one where she sincerely believed that her lawyer would let her get out of jail because she had tickets to a Kesha concert and she’d already gotten feathers put in her hair for the occasion.

If you want some more recent examples, her new YouTube series on the horrors of CPS should do the trick.

Jenelle in Tears

And then there’s always social media — years and years of statements, photos, and videos that show just how ridiculous she can be.

Today, we’re going to be talking specifically about her latest offerings on TikTok and Twitter.

Brace yourselves … it’s going to get weird.

So this weekend, Jenelle hopped on Twitter to bash OnlyFans, a popular social media site for adult content creators.

Jenelle Evans, In Bikini, With Chicken

“Thank God I’m not on Only Fans!” she wrote for no apparent reason.

One of her followers said that they were glad they didn’t have an account either, and she replied with “Yeah it seems like it’s the only option for some girls to make money and it’s not.”

“There’s soooo many other easy ways to make bank online,” she explained, along with a “just saying” hashtag.

She added that “And if you did make an Only Fans account… MORE POWER TO YOU!”

The whole thing was strange, because obviously no one thinks that Only Fans is the only way to make money — a lot of people think it’s a good way to make money, and they’re not wrong.

And why even bother going off about a social media site like this in the first place?


Jenelle did answer that question — she tweeted that “the only reason why I make any comments about OF is because y’all are being cheated out of money in my opinion,” this time with a “research” hashtag.

That “research,” by the way, consisted of some YouTube videos, so she’s basically an expert now.

Jenelle Is Upset

To all the people who have been considering making an account, she said “Start your own website … why use someone else’s?! #JustAThought.”

And kind soul that she is, she proposed the idea of making a video about “ways to make money online.”

OK, so all of this is silly, right?She said “Thank God I’m not on Only Fans!” like it’s not 100% a choice that someone can make — is this a dig at Kailyn Lowry?

Jenelle Loves Weed

It’s extra goofy considering that right around the time she tweeted all of that, she posted a little video on TikTok.

A video that may not have been out of place on OnlyFans.

In the video, she danced and lip synced a song while doing costume changes — you know how TikTok is.

Jenelle's new TikTok dance

At first, she was in her pajamas, looking all innocent.

From there, she changed into a racy little outfit with tight jeans, heels, and a lacy, very revealing top.

Honestly, the top in this outfit just looks like lingerie.

Jenelle's new TikTok dance 2

And from there, she changed into just regular old lingerie.

As we said, she was dancing throughout all of this … and when she danced in the lingerie, she just spread her legs wide open.

Let’s be clear: this is fine.

Jenelle's new TikTok dance 3

If this is how she wants to spend her time, that’s all right.

We’re not making fun of her trying to be sexy or her body or her dance moves or any of that.

What we are making fun of is the total hypocrisy of bashing OnlyFans and suggesting it would be smarter to create your own website and then turning around and doing this on TikTok for free.

We’d ask how she could possibly not see the problem with this, but it wouldn’t do any good.

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