Man claims he has had sex with over 183 women for Money rituals

True Confessions!

A typical Ghanaian money ritualist


 Assenso, who is a gold dealer at Obuasi in the Ashanti Region, revealed that he used the vaginal fluids from the women to fortify his money rituals.

In an extensive confession, Assenso who said he is now a born again Christian, explained that in his quest for money and power, he was introduced to a native doctor at Navrongo in the Upper East Region, who gave him a money god.

Narrating how he came by his money, Assenso narrated that the native doctor instructed him to sleep with women and use the vaginal fluids of the victims to perform rituals for the blood money.

“It all started a year ago when I was introduced to this Mallam by my friends. I wanted to fortify my posi­tion as a gold dealer and get more money as well. He helped me out by giving me a money god which need­ed the vaginal fluids of women.


I paid each of the women between GHc 300 and GHc 500 for a night’s encounter, which all happened at my residence in Obuasi. But I met this prayerful woman and brought her home for sex one night and that turned out to be the end of the road for me.


I had just come out of the shower to meet her praying, an act which made me motionless.

I asked why she was praying, and she replied that it was nothing. I could not touch her and since then, till my deliverance, I experienced nightmares,” he disclosed.


Assenso narrated that he began experi­encing recurrent nightmares, and therefore went to a powerful man of God in that country, where he made the startling revelation of the blood money and the number of women he preyed upon.


Assenso asked the vic­tims of his blood money for forgive­ness and pledged to use the proceeds to help the poor, professing that he had turned over a new leaf.

“Our women like money and I want them to know that not all that glitters is gold. They should be care­ful and not cheapen themselves for money,” he concluded.

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