• A young man has gone viral on social media after he was spotted in a video alongside his girlfriend
  • In the trending clip shared via Instagram, the boy patiently waited for his girlfriend as she exchanged numbers with another man
  • Massive reactions trailed the video, with many criticising him and giving him the title of the most understanding boyfriend

A man has been spotted waiting for his girlfriend as she exchanged numbers with a wealthy gentleman in his car.

A man waited patiently as his girlfriend exchanged numbers with a rich guy. Photos: @instablog9ja. Source: UGC

A man waited patiently as his girlfriend exchanged numbers with a rich guy. 

Did man’s lover talk to rich guy?

The video showed the girlfriend blushing and conversing with the affluent man while her boyfriend stood under the scorching sun, displaying remarkable composure and understanding.

The viral video garnered widespread attention, with some viewers applauding the boyfriend’s ability to handle the situation gracefully and maturely.

However, some others tackled him for waiting for the girl, tagging her attitude as disrespectful to his personality.

The public display of patience inspired many as it reminded them of the importance of trust and communication in relationships.

However, others found the video quite absurd, and some claimed the boy wasn’t confident.


“Understanding boyfriend. We have seen alot.”


“At least he’s not an enemy of progress, he’s not stubborn too.”


“Do not let your boyfriend stop you from meeting your husband.”

@aver nessa:

“He really wants the best for her. He’s not an enemy of progress.”


“It can never be me, standing by the roadside and a guy sitting in his car talking to me. If you really want to talk to me, you’ll pack that car, come down and meet me.”


“The power of understanding.”


“Understanding boyfriend.”

@anita_dera_ reacted:

“Even if I don’t like you, I will never disrespect you!”


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He said he was faithful to the woman and had even bought a family house and car for her.

The seemingly defiant woman showed no remorse as she was confronted by her husband, who vowed to use the footage during divorce proceedings.