Man sets woman ‘he’s in love with’ on fire after learning she was in romantic relationship with stepdad



A jealous Florida man set his late mother’s caretaker on fire this week after learning the woman was in a “romantic relationship” with his stepdad, police authorities say.

Police accused Luiss Quinonez, aged 53, of pouring gasoline on the victim and then setting her on fire in a senseless attack on Monday night, November 30, in the southeast town of Lantana, Florida according to an arrest report obtained by the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Neighbors say they saw the 61-year-old woman running from the scene while on fire.

She sustained second- and third-degree burns and is in hospital albeit in critical condition.

Quinonez, who said he’d been drinking before the incident, was arrested by police and charged with attempted first-degree murder. He is being held without bond.

When he was investigated by police, the suspect reportedly said he was furious about the woman’s alleged relationship with his stepfather because he was also in love with her.

The victim had lived in his parents’ home for years and used to care for Quinonez’s mother until the elderly woman died about a month ago.

He told deputies that he went to gas station Monday night and filled a container with fuel. He later returned home, poured the liquid over the victim and set her on fire with a lighter.

When firefighters arrived at the scene, they found Quinonez using a garden hose to try to put out a fire that had spread to the house but he ignored the burning victim.

The suspect reportedly told investigators that he would have killed his own stepfather instead if the man had been home at the time.

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