Marvel star reveals he ‘tried his best’ to play Bane in The Batman


As far as we know, Bane isn’t even in it.


The Guardians of the Galaxy actor responded to a fan on Twitter who asked if there was any truth in the rumour.

dave bautista


“I just read an article speculating that @DaveBautista may be, should be, could be playing Bane in the new #Batman movie with Robert Pattinson. Please, DC movies… make it happen,” the fan tweeted.

“Unfortunately it’s not [happening]. Tried my best,” Bautista tweeted back in response, along with a shrugging emoji.

Fans were first led to believe that the former WWE star was in line to play the jacked up, masked villain after he shared a picture of himself at the Warner Bros lot in December. He captioned the image: “It won’t come to you so get after it!! #DreamChaser.”

dave bautista

Alongside Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight, we know that Zoë Kravitz will be playing Catwoman, while John Turturro will take on the role of crime boss Carmine Falcone. Colin Farrell will play Penguin and Paul Dano will embody the Riddler.

The Batman is now scheduled to hit cinemas on October 1, 2021

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