Meghan Markle and Harry delight California children with first-ever Christmas parade


Children from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s neighbourhood gathered in their streets for the first year of a potentially new tradition. They watched as cars draped in festive decorations as they drove around the streets near the Duke and Duchess’s home.

Cars were adorned with tinsel, fairylights, antlers and even full Christmas trees in snaps of the parade.

FILE - Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appear onstage at the 2021 Global Citizen Live concert at Central Park in New York, U.S., September 25, 2021. REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs Britain’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appear onstage at the 2021 Global Citizen Live concert at Central Park in New York, U.S., September 25, 2021. REUTERS/Caitlin OchsPhotographs published in a local outlet, the Montecito Journal, showed a vast array of vehicles with these decorations joining the area’s first Montecito Car Parade.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were first in line to donate funds to the parade, the outlet reported.

Local residents now hope the parade will become an annual event of the festive season.

Meghan Harry

Meghan  and HarryMuch speculation has surrounded how the Duke and Duchess will celebrate Christmas this year, particularly at the height of the health fears surrounding the Queen in recent months.

However, most reports firmly suggested that Prince Harry and Meghan would not make the trip across the Atlantic for the festive period, instead celebrating the holiday with Archie, two, and six-month-old Lilibet.


 SussexesIt may be an arrangement that suits them well, as makeup artist – and close Sussex friend –

He said: “They are loving life as a family of four.

“They’ve struck a rhythm as a foursome.”

In the run-up to December 25, Meghan was spotted this week out in Montecito making a last-minute Christmas shopping run.

Meghan and Ellen© Warner Bros Meghan and EllenMeghan, in a recent interview with US chat show host and Sussex family friend, Ellen DeGeneres, revealed never-before-known details about the four-person family they have made in Montecito since the split from the Firm in 2020.

However, the Duchess was also “upset” by the backlash she received for her appearance on The Ellen Show, according to a royal journalist.

royal family© PA royal family

Neil Sean, royal expert for NBC, speaking on his YouTube channel, claimed Meghan is “apparently taken to indoors as we say over here in the UK because she’s so upset about the backlash she received after appearing on the show”.

He added: “Even Prince Harry thought this was a good idea to show her fun side.

“Perhaps they should have gone on together, how fun that would have been.

“Sadly for Meghan, it didn’t come out that way.

“She could have said no to the pranks and just plugged The Bench and talk briefly about her life.

“But fear not, Meghan will be back in 2022 looking for another option to rebrand and reconnect.”

Meghan, with an earpiece nestled in her ear, took part in a filmed prank in which her actions were controlled by Ellen Degeneres.

She was egged on to perform tasks such as eating tortilla crisps like a chipmunk in front of an unsuspecting public around her.

The sit-down interview with Ellen DeGeneres, however, largely steered away from controversial topics, such as the split from the Royal Family.

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