Meghan Markle making ‘secret calls’ to Kate Middleton in bid for truce



Meghan Markle making


Meghan Markle has reportedly reached out to Kate Middleton in a bid to get her back on her side.


It is claimed Meghan knows Kate has a lot of influence both inside and outside the monarchy and she has gone to her “with her tail between her legs”.


According to Heat journal, it is claimed that Meghan has realised she “underestimated” Kate’s influence and wants to use this to get back in the Royal Family’s good books.


Meghan Markle making


A source said: “Meghan’s fearful of losing her title, and the repercussions of Harry’s statements about the Royals in his recent Apple TV+ documentary with Oprah Winfrey.


“She’s secretly reached out to Kate, as she knows that the only hope they can have of smoothing things over with the family is to get Kate on their side.”


While it’s claimed that Kate is wary of getting involved, she wants the situation to be sorted out.




The source added to Heat: “Kate would rather stay out of any ‘secret talks’, as she fears anything she says could be used against her.


“But she wants peace and civility, especially seeing how much pain this caused William, Charles and the Queen.


“Her only words of wisdom for Meghan and Harry are to stop once and for all with the public outbursts.”

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