Midnight Mania! Covington: Laughingstock McGregor Chasing Attention With Usman Callout


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Conor McGregor standing on a stage in front of a crowd


Kamaru Usman’s next title challenger is unclear. Colby Covington has been gunning for that position, even declaring himself the unofficial back up for Usman’s 261 title defense in the hopes of a rematch. Usman himself is unimpressed, however, and there is no clear-cut choice.

One potential challenger from left field is Conor McGregor, who threatened to “smack” the Welterweight kingpin. Covington addressed that potential on What the Heck podcast, taking the opportunity to slag off the former double champ.

“I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard about it and that’s obviously just Conor trying to get some hype, get some headlines,” Covington said (via MMAFighting). “Come on, dude, the guy just got knocked out by ‘Dustin Sorry-ier.’ Come on, are you serious? You want a title shot at 170? You’re getting beat up by gatekeeper lightweights and now you want to come to the top of the 170 welterweight division? Everybody knows what Conor’s doing. He’s not really gonna do that. He’s not gonna come up and fight welterweight.

“He’s just doing that to grab attention, to grab headlines, make people think he’s being taken seriously because honestly, he’s a joke. He’s the laughingstock in the MMA community and even to casual fans because they’re just like, ‘Conor’s washed up. He’s done.’ He made all that money with his whiskey, he made all that money for the Mayweather fight, he has no motivation. Nothing gets him up early in the morning to go fight. He tries to say it’s for his kids but man, the guy’s done. He has nothing left in the tank.”

It remains to be seen just how the Welterweight title picture shakes out, but McGregor is booked to complete his trilogy opposite Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in July.


I don’t quite understand the context here, but I am definitely down for Jeremy Stephens vs. GIga Chikadze.

This is a great step! Will Nevada ever follow suit?

Every time I come across a Canelo head movement clip, I post it, because … Wow!

Belal Muhammad is ready to have his eye ripped out yet again.

Boxing vs. clinch knees.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk provides this month’s NSFW content:

Aleksandar Rakic is the only other possible fight for Jiri Prochazka other than a title shot.

Slips, rips, and KO clips

Rizin’s Light Heavyweight 2015 grand prix had a ton of talent! Respect to Muhammad Lawal for winning the thing and handing Prochazka his most recent loss.

No one spins as randomly, aggressively, or enthusiastically as Alexander Shlemenko.

Marching stance-shift into a brutal high kick:

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