• A first-time mother was left gobsmacked when her newborn baby started lifting her head and attempting to crawl just three days after being born
  • Samantha Mitchell, from White Oak, Pennsylvania, and her own mother captured the incredible moment on camera
  • The little one can be seen wriggling around, making noises and lifting her head for a few seconds while looking around

A new mother has been left astonished by the strength of her newborn daughter, after the baby girl was seen attempting to crawl and support her own head just three days after her birth.

New Mum in Disbelief as Newborn Daughter Lifts Head, Crawls 3 Days After Birth: " Can't Believe This Happened" Source: Instagram

New Mum in Disbelief as Newborn Daughter Lifts Head, Crawls 3 Days After Birth: ” Can’t Believe This Happened” 

First-time mum Samantha Mitchell was flabbergasted when tiny Nyilah Daise Tzabari put her arms out before her to support her body, lifting her head up while starting to crawl.

Knowing that nobody would believe her incredible story otherwise, Samantha, 34, rushed to film her extraordinarily advanced little girl and was left utterly gobsmacked when she attempted to crawl for a whole minute.

In the footage, which has since gone viral, Samantha’s mum, who was with her at the time, can be heard exclaiming with astonishment at her gifted two-and-a-half-day-old granddaughter.

Samantha, from White Oak, Pennsylvania, in the US, said: “[The video shows] the first time I saw her crawl and I was in complete shock. I’ve babysat most of my life and have over 20 years’ experience with children and I’ve never seen anything like this before.

“I guess I’ve never been around many babies at three days old so there are a lot of [nuances] in it but I have never seen a baby like this ever. The way she lifted her head too and was babbling left me in complete shock.”

She continued: “My mother was the only other person in the room when it happened and she told me to record it. No one would have believed me otherwise.

“My fiancé wasn’t in the room and I know if I didn’t get it on film, he would not have believed me.