• A Nigerian woman has jocularly lamented on social media that her sweet and caring sister has stolen her lovely baby boy
  • According to her, her little son even thinks her little sister is his mother, and she shared a heartwarming video of them
  • Social media users who watched the video advised the woman as many gushed over her little sister and son’s relationship

A Nigerian lady has hilariously accused her younger sibling of stealing her son and cried out for help on social media.

She shared a video of her kid with her sister. Photo: ennie_o. Source: UGC

She shared a video of her kid with her sister. Photo: ennie_o. 

She shared a video on TikTok showing the many loved-up and cute moments involving her sister and her charming son.

It appeared they turned her to their photographer as they had fun. The woman lamented that she does not have such an amount of video with her son.

She added that the lad was beginning to think that her little sister was his mother. In the clip, her sibling went shopping with the boy and visited a beach with him.

Some scenes showed them sleeping together and watching something on a smartphone.

Watch the video below:

Reactions on social media

chinnie2110 said:

“Awww she will definitely be a best friend to her own kids, see me falling in love with them.”

oyelekefaith96 said:

“With this short video, you’ll they know they spend every of there time together.”

Madepa said:

“As somebody who didn’t get any help when I gave birth because of the long distance between myself and my family, I say God bless your sister for being there”


“I was in that position but on the day of my wedding he cried, pushed my husband just to cut cake with me. Till today, everyone believe I am his mum.”

happiness said:

“That’s me. My niece and my nephew thinks I’m their mum.”

moreni keji said:

“You helped her carry the pregnancy. That is the only different.”

ummeehabdullah said:

“On behalf of the best aunties association we say thanks for birthing our baby. You can now sit back and watch us grow old together.”

Sibling love wows netizens

Elsewhere, a loving kid wowed netizens as he fed his newborn sister in a sweet video.

The boy showed love for his younger sibling by feeding her, protecting her and watching her as she slept.

His loving acts left netizens expressing how precious and adorable the sight was to behold brotherly love.