Northern youths oppose #EndSARS protest


A northern youth group has opposed the ongoing agitation for the scrapping of the controversial Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigeria Police.

The group, Northern Youth Assembly of Nigeria (NYAN), were seen armed with placards of different inscriptions on Sunday at the Secretariat of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ). They said the police unit only require a reform.

The Speaker of the group, Ukkasha Hamza Rahuma who led almost 100 youths said, “We have the belief that the decision of the Force to establish special anti-robbery squad was done in good faith to checkmate the illegal activities of kidnapping, banditry and armed robbery in the society following the rampant cases of the harassment and loss of valuable items to the men of the underworld.

“However, we acknowledge that men of the Nigeria Police Force have turned the establishment of SARS in every angle and corner of the country to avenue of harassment and intimidation which has generated a thunderous outcry all over the country.

“Our Organisation strongly kicks against any humiliation, harassment or intimidation by the security outfit and their personnel. They should instead follow laid down rules of investigation, apprehension and prosecution of any suspect as practiced in some developed nations. We are totally against the
scrapping of SARS but instead we are in support of reſorming the FSARS
to enable them operate in a professional manner where good citizens will
appreciate them more,” the group said.

NYAN urged Nigerians to support their call for the reform of the police unit, saying that rather than calling for the scrapping of SARS, people should join hands to support the reforming of SARS for optimum performance.

“Scraping or ending the operation of FSARS in the country may not provide lasting solution to criminal activities, instead it may provide the chance for criminals to return to the streets and continue their illegal operations,” the group said.

“Rather than calling for the scrapping of SARS, let us all join hands to support the reforming of SARS for optimum performance where no human right will be violated. We are in support of prosecuting any security personnel who violates fundamental human right of any suspects to serve as deterrent to others.

“We also encourage the Inspector General (IG) of Police to order that henceforth, Commissioner of Police (CP) in charge of FSARS and CPs in charge of State Commands, and FCT, as well as their supervisory zonal AIGs, will be held liable for misconduct of personnel of FSARS and others within their jurisdiction.

“Therefore, we are calling on the IG to, instead of doing away with the operation of FSARS, he should support the reformation of the unit to provide better services to Nigerians. Scrapping SARS will never be a final solution for the police or Nigerians at a time when cases of social vices and criminality are on the increase, but we support total reformation of SARS in the country.”

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