NZO’s reaction to W. Morrissey’s Impact debut is legitimately great


Like many wrestling fans, it’s been a long time since I’ve had much good to say about NZO, fka Enzo Amore, real name Eric Arndt.

© WWE.comEven if it weren’t for the sexual assault allegation that led to his WWE release – which he was cleared of, but that his handling of was pretty toxic all around – stunts like showing up at Survivor Series, or (sort of) fighting Joey Janela at a Blink 182 concert left a lot of people who cheered him in NXT or on Raw ready to leave the New Jerseyan in wrestling’s rearview.

Things have been quiet on the NZO front for a while now. I don’t know much about what he’s doing with his life lately, but not looking for attention by any means necessary seems like a good sign he’s matured at least a little bit. Looking at his Twitter timeline, he’s been continuing to do some of the same kind of good work for children he did during his time in WWE – and that’s definitely cool.

Then there’s his reaction to his friend Bill Morrissey, fka Big Cass, debuting for Impact as W. Morrissey this week. When Morrissey first showed up at Sun., April 15’s Rebellion PPV, NZO just seemed hyped for his friend. I don’t know what their relationship has been like over the past couple years while Morrissey’s been getting clean, jacked, and tan af, but NZO supported him on social media during and after the show. He also never made it about him, which is definitely something he’d have done circa 2018.

Last night, when Morrissey made his debut on weekly television with a strong promo, some reached out to NZO to ask why he wasn’t with the seven footer. It’s both a classy response, and the kind of great line that had arenas shouting out his catchphrases in the middle of last decade:

I don’t know if I want to see NZO return to a bigger wrestling stage or not. But in a business that lets everybody back for more chances even when it’s clear they haven’t changed and are still the kind of bad people Morrissey promo-ed about last night (Cough * Alberto * Cough), it’s nice to see that if NZO gets another shot, he’s not the same – or a worse – than person he was before.

And it bears repeating, “Thor doesn’t need a Robin” is a great freakin’ line. And you can’t teach that.

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