Pepsi Just Unveiled a Cocoa Cola Flavor and many others for the Season.

It's even got hints of marshmallow!!!!




There’s clearly no shortage of creativity at the Pepsi headquarters. Since the ideation of its classic cola, the soda maker has been cranking out new and innovative flavors. Just last month, the company released its dessert-inspired Apple Pie Pepsi for baking-challenged Thanksgiving hosts. Now, fans of the brand can celebrate the holiday with yet another on-theme creation: Cocoa Cola.

In a cheeky nod to competitor Coca-Cola, Pepsi is releasing a hot chocolate spin on its classic soda. The all-new flavor, which will launch when the company’s tweet reaches 2,021 retweets, features notes of cocoa and a hint of marshmallow, naturally.

“There is nothing more classic than hot cocoa on a winter day, but this year has been anything but typical” vice president of marketing Todd Kaplan said in a statement. “So why not bring together the delicious taste of a Pepsi with the delicious, wintery taste of chocolate and marshmallow and bring some unexpected joy to our fans this season? We are confident we nailed Pepsi “Cocoa” Cola and can’t wait to get this in the hands of cola fans this winter.”

Once that Pepsi tweet hits the 2,021 mark on retweets, the latest flavor will go into production. Considering the post is already at 1,200, it’s safe to assume we can expect the soda imminently. According to a rep for the brand, the Cocoa Cola will be available later this winter.

“There is no denying that hot cocoa is the unofficial beverage of winter,” Pepsi wrote in the statement. “Whether you are cozying up with a mug by the fire while snowed in or creating one of those cocoa bombs that has taken the internet by storm, the hot chocolate-y goodness is an all-time classic…and a classic that’s getting a whole new twist, thanks to the latest product innovation from Pepsi.”

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