Man reveals Bizzare Reason for Wearing Sanitary Pads

  • A Twitter user elicited debate after posting a photo showing the unorthodox method he uses to keep warm
  • @KingDon_za shared an image of a sanitary pad in his boxer while recommending it to other men
  • A few men said they would try and see if it worked, but a majority said they would never wear pads

A man has caused quite a buzz on Twitter after disclosing that he wears sanitary towels.

A Twitter user shared a photo of him wearing a pad. Photo: Oliver Helbig. Source: Getty Images

A Twitter user shared a photo of him wearing a pad.

Tweep confesses to wearing pads

The Tweep going by @KingDon_za posted a photo on Tuesday, July 4, showing the pads inside his boxers while disclosing why he wears them.

The guy said the pads keep him warm and called on fellow men to follow suit.

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“I have been wearing pads to keep warm, and they are comfortable. Wearing this every day is highly recommended,” he wrote.

Naturally, his unorthodox method of keeping warm elicited mixed reactions online. Interestingly, a few guys said they would try it, but most said they would rather be cold.

Here are some of the comments:


“I’ll sure try it just to make sure what your saying is right.”


“I would rather they get cold and shrink. I am not wearing a pad.”


“What? Are you for real?”


“Lol…pads are expensive.”


“Too much information.”


“The world is really coming to an end, shame.”


“Damn, this is officially crazy.”


“What do warm balls do that cold balls can’t?”

Bride skips wedding

In other news, a young woman narrated how she took revenge on her lover years after he broke her heart.

The woman said she got pregnant with the young man’s child, but he abandoned her with the pregnancy.

Four years later, he returned to beg for forgiveness, and she accepted.

“After leaving me with two weeks of pregnancy, he returned 4yrs later and asked for forgiveness, and I said I’d forgiven him. And he proposed to me, and I accepted.

Today is our wedding, but I failed to attend. His relatives called me, but I laughed at their stupidity,” she said.

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