Pizza Shop Employees Save A Customer’s Life In A Twist Of Fate


It’s a fair assumption to believe that everyone has their favorite food. For some individuals, it’s sushi, while for others, it’s burgers and fries. However, for Kirk Alexander, there’s nothing more delectable than a good slice of pizza.

He’s known to eat at least one each day but only gets his pizza fix from one particular pizza-making company, Domino’s Pizza. Kirk maintained a healthy physique, even with his daily consumption of high-fat pizza every single day. Strangely, this peculiar food addiction consisting of cheese and dough was the combination that ultimately saved his life. Keep reading to find out what role pizza played in this impactful experience.

Meet Kirk

Kirk lives alone in a small town in Oregon named Salem. He doesn’t usually venture outside of his home unless it’s to get his favorite food: pizza. He only orders from Domino’s Pizza, and due to him frequently ordering, the staff was well acquainted with the man.

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