Policeman shoots and kills Abia Revenue Official, injures another.



Policeman allegedly shoots Abia Revenue Officials, killing one and causing injury to the other

There was tension in Aba, Abia state, on Tuesday, July 7, after a policeman shot and killed an Abia revenue taskforce official and wounded another.

According to eye witness reports, a policeman attached to Crunches, a fast-food restaurant, opened fire on members of Abia State Taskforce Board of Internal Revenue.

A member of the taskforce identified as Ifeanyi Kalu was killed instantly while another person was seriously injured, causing others to run for safety.

An eye witness said trouble started when a driver of the fast-food restaurant (Crunches) called policemen that their bus has been driven away by the taskforce.

Policemen allegedly arrived with “AK-47″ and” they started shooting sporadically”. A bullet hit Ifeanyi Kalu and another man.

The eye witness added that both of them have been taken to the hospital. Many people were running for safety and the  office has been shut down.”

The death of Ifeanyi Kalu reportedly led to pandemonium and people took to their heels for safety.



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