Popular Actor Baba Ijesha Child Molestation Update

Baba Ijesha

On the case of Actor Comedian Baba Ijesha Child Molestation… Pamela Udoka writes:

This piece of information is quiet shocking seeing the girl and her celebrity Mum just left my psychology clinic a few hours prior to this news breaking on social media on Thursday.

Let me just clarify some issues for the sake of the minor involved.

He first sexually molested her on 2 occasions when she was 7. It was when she started being questioned because of some changes in her behavior, that she let out about what this “Uncle ” had done to her. (She was not serially raped from 7 years till she was 14. This young girl will read this news someday. Her Mum has already seen it and is traumatized)
Fast forward to last week, when she is now 14, her Mum invited said “Uncle” with the aim of confronting him with the said allegations. Mum had the presence of mind to have a professional company install a CCTV before his arrival. Everyone stepped out of the living room for one reason or the other leaving the minor and the “Uncle”. He wasted no time. He started engaging in very explicit sexual expressions including body contacts despite obvious lack of interest from, and rejection by the minor. When it became obvious that he had very ulterior sexual motives, the other adults stepped back into the room. (All these captured on camera). He initially denied his actions both past and present. But when he was shown evidence, he confessed.
The rest they say is history.
Uncle is in police custody….and it was the police PRO that shared the news of his arrest.

Parents be vigilant. Pedophiles abound with us.

My name is Pamela…Pamela Udoka. I am a Certified and Licenced Clinical Psychologist and Sex Therapist

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