Ronaldo Adds Ferrari Monza To His Stable


An Italian stallion for the Portuguese wonder…

One of the biggest soccer stars ever, Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly added a Ferrari Monza SP2 to his impressive car collection. The man could probably swim in a pool of money like Scrooge McDuck if he wanted, so buying a Ferrari Monza is more like a minor purchase to him, even though the limited-edition car is pricey.

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The purchase took place when Ronaldo decided to skip training and instead visit Ferrari’s famous factory in Maranello, Italy. He was able to tour the facility, meet with executives, and even pose for photos with Formula One drivers. It must be nice to have that kind of access.

a car parked on the side of a road: photo credit: Ferrari© Provided by Motorious photo credit: FerrariBack in September of 2018, Ferrari unveiled the Monza SP1 and SP2. Both special-series cars were created as a tribute to race cars of the 1950s. Extensive lightweighting include the use of carbon fiber and a simplified design, maximizing the effect of the V12 engine, which can rocket the roadster from 0-62 mph in just 2.9 seconds.

Even though the cars were designed using cutting-edge technology, the Ferrari claims drivers experience a “pure” experience while behind the wheel. Production of the Monza was limited to a mere 499 units globally. As a result, they’re highly sought after and will undoubtedly climb significantly in value over time.

© Provided by Motorious photo credit: FerrariAlso included in Ronaldo’s car collection is the 1-of-1 Bugatti La Voiture Noire. With a price tag of $18.9 million everyone was buzzing about its sale, but the French automaker didn’t disclose the identity of the buyer, leading to much speculation about who it might be. Later, it was revealed the soccer star dropped the ridiculous sum on the bespoke Chiron, which has been styled as a tribute to the Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic. It’s also been tuned to produce 1,500-hp and has 6 exhaust tips located in the rear fascia.


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