Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Production Bike Makes Its First Appearance


Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 - Motoverse Edition - Front Right Angle View

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 – Motoverse Edition – Front Right Angle View© Copyright

Looking quite similar to the concept, a limited edition paint and graphics scheme is the first SG650 out of the gate.

There’s a special kind of excitement to watching something go from concept to reality right in front of your eyes, isn’t there? Back in 2021, Royal Enfield showed up to EICMA, the single biggest international motorcycle event of the year, to show off its latest creation. Known as the SG650, the concept did what good concepts tend to do: Got people talking about it.

It was an auspicious debut. Pretty soon, it became clear that the SG650 was less the type of concept to solely grace posters on walls and more the sort that grows a chassis and an engine and starts to generate spark in three dimensions.

India is a massive place, filled with riders who are passionate about bikes, and who have a particular soft spot in their hearts for RRoyal Enfield Shotgun 650 - Motoverse Edition - Cockpit Closeup

oyal Enfield. So, it was no great surprise when reports of the SG650 out testing on public roads started appearing left and right over the course of 2022 and 2023.

Fast forward to the annual Royal Enfield Motoverse event in Goa in November 2023, where the brand rolled out its first production Shotgun 650 in front of a live audience. Based on the bones of the Super Meteor 650, the Shotgun 650 is a bobber at heart. But according to Royal Enfield, it’s also more than that.

While the Shotgun 650 comes with a solo bobber-style saddle, it can easily be transformed for two-up riding, or to carry luggage for touring as needed. For those reasons, Royal Enfield managing director described the Shotgun 650 as “a mutant” in the live presentation at Motoverse 2023.

The paint and graphics you see here make up a Motoverse 2023 exclusive design, of which only 25 will ever be made and sold to those who attended Motoverse 2023. Although there will be other Shotgun 650s with less exclusive liveries in the coming months, this one is extra-special because it’s just for the fans who took the time and effort to attend that event.

The price for the special Motoverse Edition Shotgun 650 will be ₹ 425,000, which converts to about $5,100 as of November 27, 2023.

Full specifications haven’t been released just yet, but should look very similar to the Super Meteor 650 in terms of power. If you’re interested in signing up to learn more, you can visit the dedicated Royal Enfield signup page for Shotgun 650 information, which we’ll link in our Sources.

What do you think of the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650? Does it look how you’d hoped? Are you planning to get your hands on a Motoverse Edition? If it’s not available to you, do you wish that it was? Let us know in the comments

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