• A lady has shared a romantic story of how she met her husband through one of her close friends
  • The lady, Ryta May, said she did not want the man to have her number, but her friend gave it to him eventually
  • He asked her out, and now, they are husband and wife and have welcomed twins after they got married

A lady has narrated how she ended up marrying a man she had initially ignored and refused to give her number to.

The couple got married and welcomed twin babies. Photo credit: TikTok/@rytamay. Source: UGC

The couple got married and welcomed twin babies. 

The lady, Ryta May, said she did not want her friend to give the man her number, but she eventually gave out him her contact details.

The man later ask her out, and they fell in love. Their relationship led to marriage and she shared photos from their proposal to how things are currently.

Ryta came on TikTok to share the romantic story of how she met her man and also post an update since they tied the knot.

Couple welcomes beautiful twin babies

In the video, it was seen that Ryta got pregnant, and the marriage has been blessed with cute twin babies.

She shared a photo of the beautiful babies. Their cuteness melted the hearts of many TikTok users.

Ryta captioned the video:

“Your friend gave him your number even though you told her not to. It was all worth it!”

Watch the video below:

TikTok users reactions to her love story

Here are some of the comments from social media users:

@Cuppy said:

“I need to upgrade my friends.”

@Juiny P. Bernard said:

“Why do my friends listen to me when I tell them no? They should give my number.”

@Ese commented:

“If I were to be that your friend I would be collecting commission every month because my stubbornness turned to grace.”

@Dany3llar said:

“Omo, this your friend needs an agent fee.”

@Tode Evidence said:

“I hope your friend was your maid of honour at your wedding?”

Lady begs man who pursued her for year

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Over a year ago, the man had indicated an interest in dating her, but she declined, and he did not push further.

This time, the lady took to Facebook group to criticise him for giving up on her easily, saying she had wanted him to try harder to see his seriousness, as she confessed her feelings for him.