Singer Britney Spears’ Estranged father Jamie has had his leg amputated



Singer Britney Spears



American singer, Britney Spears’s estranged father Jamie had his leg amputated a month ago and is reportedly ‘not doing well.’ 


According to TMZ: ‘Jamie had a massive infection in one of his legs that landed him in a hospital for weeks. He had 5 unsuccessful surgeries to contain the infection, and doctors decided the only way to proceed was amputation.’


According to the publication, Britney is making amends with her mother Lynne, 68, and there is now hope that she can start to repair her fractured relationship with her father, 71, following her conservatorship row. 


The site reports that Jamie is not doing well, adding: ‘He’s had other ailments and has been downcast amid the torrent of criticism over his handling of the conservatorship … something he thinks is terribly unfair. 


Jamie is the one who moved from Louisiana to care for his daughter back in 2007. Lots of people who were involved back then say Jamie may have saved Britney’s life.’ 


The latest news comes after it was revealed Britney’s mother Lynne is trying to get closer to her daughter after their relationship cratered in the wake of the dissolution of her conservatorship.


After recently reuniting with Britney for her 42nd birthday — is ‘really making an effort to be in Britney’s life,’ a source told People on Monday.


‘Her mom does love her. There is no doubt about that,’ the insider said.


However, they noted that things between the two were complicated because ‘Britney can be very stubborn.’


Lynne was trying to surmount that obstacle by being ‘very apologetic’ to her daughter as she goes through a divorce from her husband Sam Asghari.


They added that Lynne also ‘takes full blame’ for the rift that developed between them.


‘Lynne is really making an effort to be in Britney’s life. She likes spending time with her,’ the insider continued. ‘They have a complicated relationship, but it seems they both need each other.’


Photos obtained by TMZ showed Lynne leaving the house of Britney’s manager Cade Hudson the morning after her birthday, suggesting that she and Britney had spent the evening together.


A second source told PEOPLE that ‘being together and celebrating [Britney’s] birthday was a really nice moment for the family.’

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