Sonnie Ayere wins “Investment CEO of the Decade Award”, DLM Capital wins “Innovative Investment Bank of the Year” at BAFI 2020


Sonnie Ayere emerged the winner of the “Investment CEO of the Decade Award” award at the just concluded 2020 edition of the BAFI Awards.

DLM Capital Group, the prime developmental investment bank in Nigeria at the recently concluded Banks’ and Financial Institutions (BAFI) Awards emerged winner of the “Most Innovative Investment Bank of the Year 2020 Award”. This is in recognition of the company’s mandate to directly impact the lives of people through their business transactions.   In addition to this, the Group CEO- Sonnie Ayere was bestowed with the “Investment Banking CEO of the Decade” Award for establishing DLM Capital Group as the most creative solutions provider for the debt and equity needs of corporations, institutions and governments in Nigeria as well as a powerhouse advisory and restructuring counsel from 2010 to 2020.

Speaking to the Group CEO- Sonnie Ayere, he commented that “The impact of our work is felt far and wide. It is felt by everyday citizens in their daily lives. We create financial solutions that revitalize the economy sector by sector. From the housing sector to the transportation sector to the education sector and the agriculture sector, our solutions drive real change and impact everyday human lives. We look back collectively and remain proud of what we have achieved so far but, we know that there is still a lot to be done”

At the award ceremony, DLM Capital Group was nominated alongside FBN Merchant Bank and Coronation Merchant Bank in the same award category. Speaking on this victory, Emeka Ngene the head of the Advisory team said that “Awards such as these are a testimony to the constant efforts put in by the company and it gives a sense of confidence knowing that the world is aware of our contributions towards pushing the frontiers of what is possible in this market. Being innovative comes with its own challenges but, we promise to continue delivering more innovative ways to deliver capital in this market. This award is a well-deserved tap on the back for our efforts.

At the BAFI Awards in the previous year 2019, DLM Capital group also bagged the prestigious award of deal advisor of the year 2019 by merit of DLM Advisory’s role in advising Primero Transport Services Limited in its capital raising of N16.5 billion, 7-year bond with a fixed annual coupon of 17 percent. Primero currently operates the largest Bus Rapid Transit System in the country.

DLM Capital Group has been at the forefront of creating alternative financing solutions to businesses and providing bespoke innovative ideas to access funds for growth. At DLM Capital Group, our focus is to drive the development of the Nigerian economy by focusing our expertise on key sectors such as consumer credit, agriculture, microfinance and education in line with our developmental mandate.

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Other awards recently won by the group include- “Best Structured Finance & Securitisation Team in West Africa 2020” at the Corporate Finance Awards (, “Best Asset-Backed Commercial Program,2020” and “Best Securitisation House 2020” both from International Investor Awards.

In addition, the CEO- Sonnie Ayere was also awarded “CEO of the Year 2020 (Nigeria)” by International Investor Awards and Best Securitisation House Nigeria 2019 by Global Banking and Finance Awards.

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