Spanish football star Jenni Hermoso comes out as Gay. Says it is ‘much easier’ to come out in the women’s than the men’s division..



Spanish football star Jenni Hermoso opens up on her sexuality, says it is


Spanish football star, Jenni Hermoso has opened up on her sexuality and how it is ‘much easier’ to come out in the women’s game than the men’s. 


Hermoso has been in the headlines over the last year after former Spain president Luis Rubiales kissed her on the lips without her consent following their World Cup final win over England in a scandal that rocked football. 

Spanish football star Jenni Hermoso opens up on her sexuality, says it is


The 33-year-old forward later came out to denounce the kiss and help promote a ‘Me Too’ movement in the country. She has now decided to speak out about her sexuality. 


Hermoso, who never discussed the subject with her family growing up, said it was much easier to embrace coming out as a female footballer before admitting that male footballers face a much bigger struggle.


‘I never explicitly told my parents that I liked girls,’ she told Spanish TV show Planeta Calleja. ‘It is something that has always been taboo, but there was actually no need to discuss it openly: the people around me knew it. My parents weren’t stupid either.


‘I have always been open with my mother, but when I had difficulty with that, I turned to my aunt Carol, who was my confidante.


‘In women’s football it is much easier to come out than in men’s football. There is a stereotypical image of a footballer with a wife and children. 


‘There are some male footballers who have come out, but they have been met with a lot of hate. Male footballers are not inclined to talk about it because they are treated differently.’ 


Discussing her love life, Hermoso, who is currently single said she has now found ‘stability’ in her life after previously letting her personal life get in the way of her performances on the pitch.


‘I have been in love, but not right now,’ she added. ‘It’s one of the best things I’ve discovered: how to live with myself. 


‘My private life and my life as a football player have always been closely linked. If I had problems, my football was a disaster. It could be intense, especially if my heart was broken. Now fortunately I have found stability.’ 


Hermoso’s candid discussions about her private life come amid her ongoing ‘kiss-gate ‘ scandal. 


Earlier this month she appeared before a judge at Madrid’s High Court to give her version of the events that followed Spain’s 1-0 win over England in Sydney back in August. 


Hermoso confirmed the same version of events she had previously given to prosecutors, stating the kiss ‘was unexpected and at no time consensual,’ according to Marca


Speaking to the media as she left the court, Hermoso said: ‘Everything went well. I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. Everything is in the hands of justice.


‘Thank you very much for the support you have given me and for many of you treating things so well. I appreciate it.


‘The process will take its course.

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