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The Smartphone Market Will Turn Upside Down: Tesla Model Pi by Elon Musk is Coming

The world has not yet had time to move away from Tesla’s smart car, and recently Elon Musk amazed everyone with the launch of the Tesla Model Pi. When is the release date? What’s the functionality? We will answer all these questions and others.

The Smartphone Market Will Turn Upside Down: Tesla Model Pi by Elon Musk is Coming

Tesla Model Pi by Elon Musk: Appearance, Features, Safety

Tesla is an automobile company that began its existence in 2003, and the main shareholder is Elon Musk. Now, this company is on everyone’s lips, but a couple of years ago, the company faced difficulties. For example, the company found it challenging to supply machine parts, executives lost valuable talent, and disagreements arose among investors. The company was on the verge of bankruptcy, but Elon Musk created innovative products and devices that helped the company rise from the ashes.

2020 has become a landmark year in the life of Elon Musk. SpaceX, which he heads, has entered into a lucrative contract with NASA. Then Elon Musk became famous for the launch of the Crew Dragon spacecraft. On June 10, 2020, the value of a share in the Tesla car company was already over $ 1000. Thus, Tesla became the most expensive car company in the world.

2021 did not pass by Elon Musk. Every day in search engines, people ask the same question – Is Tesla releasing a phone? Yes, we will see Elon Musk’s smartphone soon. This year the company officially showed off the tesla phone. According to the Chinese edition of MyDrivers, the gadget will be called the Tesla Model Pi. Experts believe that if the smartphone hits the market, it will be a real gadget revolution. Researchers of the smartphone market predict a severe drop in sales for competitors. Unfortunately, the release date of the Tesla smartphone is kept secret by the company. However, the features and appearance of the gadget are already known today.

Tesla Model Pi Design

Tesla’s smartphone designer is Antonio De Rosa, an expert who has created exciting concepts for Apple products. The designer will make the phone in honor of Tesla and Starlink SpaceX. Many gadget market researchers note that the Tesla Model Pi looks like an iPhone 12. For example, the smartphone has four cameras in a square frame; the phone’s sides are rounded with a silvery tint.

However, the smartphone has several design differences. The gadget will have a case with a coating that can change color. How? The developers have created a photochromic coating that will shimmer with various pigments under the influence of sunlight.

In the video of the presentation, the front camera is not visible on the renders. Experts believe that the front camera will be located under the display. Also, the developers are introducing a solar panel for recharging. The logo of the company and the model’s name, the designer, decided to mark it on the back panel.

Features of Tesla Model Pi

When creating a smartphone, the developers used modern Tesla technologies:

  • The phone will support Starlink satellite internet. The developers will declare that the data download speed will be up to 210 megabits per second.
  • The phone will support Neuralink technology, which will read information from the head brain. The developers declare that in cases of injury, users will replace some of the brain functions. Such words sound like something from a movie about the future and cause delight.
  • Users can use smartphones to mine Marscoin cryptocurrency. Thus, people will be able to earn virtual money by mining on their phones.
  • The smartphone will be able to sync with other Tesla devices.

Considering that the Tesla car has taken a huge place in the market and is becoming more and more popular thanks to its capabilities, it becomes clear that the Elon Musk phone will revolutionize the phone market. Tesla’s smartphone will follow in the footsteps of its big brother, the car, and win users’ hearts.

Tesla Model Pi Security

We mentioned that the smartphone would support the Internet Starlink – this information is enough for us to assess the safety of the Tesla Model Pi. Last year, Elon Musk launched Starlink, a satellite-based Internet. This project is in beta testing – at the moment, the network is available only in some regions. Elon Musk plans to launch the network globally in 2021. However, experts have discovered a problem in the Starlink satellite Internet system: hackers can easily intercept Starlink traffic.

Elon Musk stated that the company had developed its proprietary protocol for encrypting user data and will use end-to-end encryption. In his opinion, these two elements will provide people with safety. However, the Turla hackers successfully intercepted the traffic. They used the method of hacking satellite channels of the DVB-S standard, after which attacks began with the introduction of malicious programs.

If you are planning to buy a smartphone and connect to Starlink, you need more serious protection. For example, you can use a no-logging VPN. Experts point out such VPN advantages is numerous. Here are just a few of them:

  • The ability to browse websites anonymously.
  • Encryption of a real IP.
  • Blocking harmful ads.
  • Security of connecting to a free Internet.

You can also disable GPS on your smartphone and use antivirus software. Undoubtedly, the idea of ​​the billionaire and genius Tesla – Elon Musk, is different from today’s smartphones. This is evidenced by the design and capabilities of the smartphone. However, it would be worthwhile to implement software and hardware encryption to protect users from hacking. We hope that Elon Musk will take this problem into account and bring the idea to perfection.

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