The EFCC vs Innoson Story: The True Facts Are Beginning To Emerge!


Guys, we are all educated in one way or the other and it’s good to research and get proper facts before commenting or condemning one party over the other. People are saying “free innoson”, without even asking questions on what he did to justify his arrest. Has anyone bothered to get the underlying facts from the Bank or EFCC?

We hear that GTB financed importation of certain spare parts and Goods for Innoson. based on the nature of the banking facility granted to Innoson by GTB, the Goods were imported in the Bank’s name and the original bills of lading which were in the Bank’s name were sent directly to the Bank by the Exporter. Innoson was required to pay 25% of the value of the Goods to enable the bank endorse the shipping documents to him so he can clear the Goods. Innoson approached the bank saying he did not have the 25% to pay, and begging the bank to release the Goods. The bank refused, saying the agreement they both signed must be followed, and that innoson should pay the 25% to get the Goods released to him. Probably out of desperation, Innoson forged the Bills of Lading as well as the Bank’s endorsement (ie the bank’s stamp and Signatures of the Bank’s staff) to clear the Goods from the ports. We hear that Efcc concluded its investigation as far back as 2012 and prepared charges against innoson. The police also investigated Innoson and found him culpable. Forensic examination was also done which confirmed forgery of the bank’s shipping documents particularly as the original bills of Lading were presented by the bank during the investigation. Shouldn’t we be asking: Where are the bank’s goods? How did innoson clear the Goods  from the Ports? Ok, even after selling the Goods, did he pay the money to the bank? I think Innoson should answer these questions. I saw something online about the police charging innoson to court for fraud and innoson refusing to appear in court for trial for two years! Is Innoson above the law?

I know innoson claims he got judgment against the bank and the bank is only trying to victimize him. I am a lawyer and if indeed he has a final judgment, Innoson shouldn’t be trying to enforce legal judgement on twitter or Facebook…..Why doesn’t he take legal steps to get his money from GTB? I would like to believe that the issue of monetary judgments is a purely commercial issue which is currently before the courts and yet to be fully determined. The issue EFCC arrested him for is a criminal matter (forgery of shipping documents). Should Innoson go free because of his tribe or because he is an indigenous vehicle manufacturer?  Even the shipping company and shipping agents that facilitated the fraud are not left out of the investigation.

For me, GTB and innoson should conclude their civil matters in court, while the law enforcement agents should be allowed to do their job as far as the issue of crime and fraud is concerned.

Michael Okoroafor

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