“The father of your child didn’t even date you” Victoria Inyama and Ubi Franklin’s child’s mother, Sandra Iheuwa, drag each other over comment about single mothers



Victoria Inyama and Sandra Iheuwa, who shares a child with Ubi Franklin, have gone for each other’s throats following a post the latter made.


Sandra had shared a post advising single mothers who slay on Instagram while waiting for their baby fathers to sponsor their lifestyle to go work for their money.


Victoria responded, slamming her and telling her that she’s also a single mother. She told her that there are different categories of single mothers; those whose husbands died, those like herself who left their marriage due to domestic violence, and those who never got married.


She told Sandra that in her case, the father of her child didn’t date her “well” or marry her.


She told Sandra to focus on her kind of single mothers who never got married when giving advice.


She went on to ask Sandra what job she does that makes her think she can advice single mothers to go work.


And Sandra hit back.


See below.


"The father of your child didn

"The father of your child didn

"The father of your child didn

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