The Founder of Church of Satan Has Been Arrested (Photos)


An incident which can best be described as pitiable, shameful nd unGodly has happened in Ohafia in Abia state, Ifekwe Udo, where the Police has paraded the founder of Chuch of Satan in the state.

It was gathered that the angry Youths of the community in their numbers rounded the place up and demolished every sculpture which was erected at the church premises. As they claim that since the existence of the church in the community, a lot calamity has befallen their land as the demolishing of the church will mark the end of their nemesis.

Chinet reported that the founder of the church, The Assemblies of light Bearer Greater Church of Lucifer, popularly known as Church of Satan whose name was given as Mr Ifekwe Udo was arrested by the Federal Government Authorities, had no support from community as it’s environs was seen in jubilation mode.

Chinet also recalled that the founder of the church Mr Ifekwe Udo popularly known as Fada Fada was living a suspicious life to the people of Ohafia. As it was alleged that he was able to secure jobs for the unemployed youths, Bought motorcycles for the youths of the community. As it was alleged that he opened a Brothel in Ohafia where Unisxx is allowed.

A correspondent who chose to be anonymous stated that the people of Ohafia was scared to approach him. As he claimed to have the same power that Satan has. While some alleged that he uses fetish powers on his members.

“Everyone was scared to approach him in regards to what be was practicing in their community. Because Fada Fada claimed to have the same power that Satan has, so Everyone was afraid to confront him. And he also uses Voodoo powers on his members.

Furthermore, Mr Ifekwe Udo was arrested by the Police in connection to the crime of Child trafficking and for terrorizing the people of Ohafia. The angry Mobs had to destroy the images of Lucifer in the Area.

Below are the Pictures gathered at the crime scene.


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