The Transparent Face Mask has Just Arrived to your city: Comfortable, elegant, communication MUCH easier and it makes you smile!


This unique transparent mask has taken the world by storm! It puts a smile back on your face, is stylish and breathable, yet comfortable and highly protective! Recommended by 98% of buyers with a rating of ⭐⭐⭐⭐, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular…

Who else hates wearing a mask?

The problem is that surgical masks, made of paper and fabric, hide a large part of your face. They make everyday tasks more difficult and it becomes impossible to speak in public, right?

Old masks become hot and stuffy too. Not only they do damage your makeup and are unhygienic, but they also make breathing uncomfortable and difficult .

And on the other hand, another harmful effect of wearing this kind of mask is how it makes you feel: ignored, isolated, misunderstood, frustrated and even depressed…

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Many people HATE to wear a mask for these same reasons…

But, masks aren’t going to disappear anytime soon, are they ? That’s exactly why a team of professional designers have been working on this issue to find a comfortable and affordable solution to the problems that masks have created…

Today, their innovative new product is finally available for sale right now! It solves all these problems and is already selling like hotcakes, let’s take a look at what has made it a success……

What is it called?

Called Cleanshield, it has already seduced tens of thousands of users who have already replaced their suffocating disposable masks for these wonderful transparent masks… And it’s not surprising, Life seems more cheerful with this transparent protective mask…


And its advantages are numerous:

Anti-fogging material – It has been designed to prevent fogging from forming on your mask or glasses!

Total protection – Prevents direct air droplets from touching your mouth and nose

Safe and environmentally friendly – Manufactured from high quality materials that are not harmful to humans (BPA-FREE), hygienic, reusable and recyclable.

Quick and easy to clean – Can be cleaned with soap and water, dishwasher or with antibacterial wipes/sprays.

Fast drying – Dries within a few seconds after washing, unlike fabric masks.

Comfortable and lightweight – No more pinching straps and mask marks!

Breathable – Ventilation slits give a freer and more natural feeling.

Sociable – Let others see your smile and communicate normally.

Discount and free shipping – Check the bottom of the article for links!

Positive opinions – The overwhelmingly positive 5* opinions speak for themselves!

One thing is sure, once you try the Cleanshield, you will never want to go back to traditional masks!

It seems that everyone is wearing it these days – it has become a real trend ! Don’t hide your face anymore!

People can socialize and communicate much more easily thanks to Cleanshield.

With a fabric mask, you lose your facial expressions – which are a large part of your personality…

Cleanshield is the perfect solution – transparent, comfortable, hygienic and anti-fogging.

What do the others say?

“When I and my companion realized that we would have to wear these masks all the time, we got depressed. It was hard for us to see, listen and feel, we could hardly do anything. But since we discovered the clear mask, our lives have really improved. All of a sudden we can do whatever we want, and all our senses have come back and are rejoicing.”

“Unbelievable, I feel human again! Very comfortable, light and easy to clean. I would say this is a massive improvement over a fabric mask. If we all wore them, I think it would make it a little less miserable! Everyone asks me where I got it, because that’s what they want too!” Max

“Fantastic. I hate fabric masks, I feel like I can’t breathe. With the CleanShield you don’t have this problem, I hardly noticed I was wearing it after 5 minutes. It’s the closest thing to normal that we have right now.” Hugo

The best option !

Start wearing the mask and take advantage of its benefits


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