Top Banker Dies From A Heart Attack …After Wife Reveals Their Children’s Real Father

393293 01: A view of the World Bank building October 5, 2000 in Washington, DC. The World Bank bank lends money to developing countries around the world. (Photo by Per-Anders Pettersson/ Getty Images)

The social media has been buzzing over the news of the death of a banker, and ex staff of the defunked Oceanic bank, Tunde Thomas, who died from a heart attack a few days ago. The family and friends of 45- year- old Tunde are mourning his loss, stunned by his sudden demise. He was recently made a Director in a Lagos Microfinance bank and was about to remarry,but he suffered the heart attack two days before his marriage introduction to the family of the new lady he had wanted to marry, who was already pregnant with their child.

Tunde’s sad story was said to be as a result of the betrayal he experienced from his wife, a staff of FCMB. According to the story making the round, Tunde had gone into depression after his wife, a banker, travelled abroad with their two kids, and on arrival in the US, she called Tunde to inform him that the two kids(a boy and a girl)he assumed were his are not his biological kids..
That’s not all. She went on to confess to Tunde that the kids belonged to her boss, who is the managing director of the bank she worked for, FCMB .
Tunde was said to have been badly hit by the news of the truth about the kids that he suffered a stroke, followed by depression.
Surprisingly, he seem to have overcome all that, as he started a new relationship with another lady, resulting in a marriage proposal from him to her, especially as she was now pregnant with his child. Unfortunately, what should have been a happy celebration never happened, as Tunde suffered a heart attack and died, a few days to their Introduction day ceremony.
His friends and family have already started arrangement to give him a befitting burial. Since the news of Tunde’s death broke, it has rattled many within the banking sector, where all the characters in the sad story were active players. No response is yet to be made by the FCMB MD accused in the story.

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