Types of Wigs that makes you stand out!


Types of Wigs

We shall guide you through your options,  so please don’t worry about having to do your home work!

There are Human hair wigs and synthetic fibre wigs.

These can be ready made stocked items and/or Custom made to suit the individual requirements.

“It is an assumption that there is no such thing as a natural looking wig/piece.  But if you think about it, a good wig/piece goes unnoticed, unlike a bad/old one which is noticed”

Construction of a wig

  • Important things to consider when purchasing your wig
  • How often the wig will be worn? How long a period in the day?
  • Are you a person whom feels the heat?
  • Do you want the wig to look natural through the top and parting areas?
  • Do you have a sensitive scalp?

Lace front /lace capped wigs

are designed so the scalp shows through the fine lace which disappears once it is against the skin, creating a very natural hair line. Combined with a monofilament top and hand tied back, you have an extremely comfortable, secure, natural looking, replacement for your hair.

Monofilament  based wigs

are the most breathable, natural looking wigs.  The sheer flesh toned top gives the appearance of scalp through the hair. . Thus creating “a realistic parting”   These are available in both Fibre & Human Hair wigs. Prices are usually from £160 in fibre and £399 in Human hair.

Machine weft  wigs

are the less expensive wig, they are usually heavier in weight and are less cool than the monofilament ones, however they are just as fashionable and the fibre is of the same quality. Prices are usually from £55.

Hand tied  wigs

are the soft lined wigs, extremely light weight and flexible. Prices usually from £130, but if they have a monofilament top with hand tied back prices are usually from £225.

Custom made  wigs/partial pieces

A template would be made for you to get the perfect fit, with individual requirements added such as density, parting, crown areas, colours and hair type and length.

For a more individual fit-shape-density, a custom made wig/piece may be required.  A mold of your head or the area that needs filling will be taken for the perfect fit, colour matching and density guides will determine colour and thickness required so a piece blends into your own hair naturally, the correct base will be chosen to suit your life style and attachments required so it stays in place.

Dermatite/suction/anti slippery wigs

These are only suitable for those people without any hair as the transparent polyurethane and monofilament base is a suction hold one that gently grips the scalp without the need for elastic adjusters. These can be made with a lace front.  Ready made available in different sizes, Human hair and fiber. Price from £650 Custom made from £1200.

You can sometimes get combinations of each lining too.


Human Hair Wigs

What are the major advantages in comparison to synthetic hair wigs?

The hair looks more natural. You are more individualised, as the hair can be coloured and styled.

Human hair can give more confidence and you  can have a natural and elegant look or an informal ” just got out of bed look “all in one day!  Just like real hair.


Modacrylic fibre wigs

Synthetic Fibre wigs vary in texture as human hair would; these have a memory so when the wig is washed it springs back into the shape it was before it was washed.  Fibre retains its shape in the rain. No need for straighteners, rollers and tongs! Very little or no fade of the colour in the sun.  (Unless constantly in the sun)

Wigs vary in density & weight. Sizes vary according to different manufactures.  I will be able to guide you to the most suitable size to fit comfortably and securely.

Every wig has adjustable elastics on the circumference to tighten or loosen the wig for a more secure fit.

Head sizes and shapes can really vary; some people have a larger size from ear to ear over the top of the head, then a shorter measurement from hairline to nape.  A person with a flat crown and back will need a secure fit otherwise the wig will feel as if it is riding up!

There are different methods of attachment

1 All wigs have adjustable elastics to tighten and loosen the circumference of the wig.

2 Snap lock combs (a small amount of hair is required for this attachment.) Once sewn into the wig lining in the appropriate place the lock gently into your hair for a secure attachment.

3 Double sided toupee tape positioned in areas where there is no hair on your scalp, sticking both to your scalp and the wig lining.

4 Wig liners: soft netting covering the scalp giving the wig a base to adhere to.

5 Supplex, Anti slippery and Dermalite wigs have a suction hold; wearers need no hair for this base for it to gain maximum suction hold.


Female Pattern Baldness, thinning top area solutions

Examples of hair additions for female pattern baldness or diffuse thinning.

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