Kamaru Usman launched an angry tirade at a number of his Snapchat followers at the weekend, telling his “haters” to “kill” themselves.The UFC welterweight champion fought three times in 2021, retaining his title on each occasion to establish himself as the promotion’s pound-for-pound No1 men’s fighter.

Despite achieving widespread appreciation for his skills, the Nigerian-American still has his detractors, at whom he hit out in a Snapchat story.

“Whomever you are watching my story, please just choke yourself,” Usman wrote, per the Mirror. “2022 started and your life is centred around others.

“Better yet, kill yourself. Having fun watching my life and not yours.

“I love my fans, even those that [aren’t fans] yet because you truly only wish you could be me.”

Usman, 34, later posted a video on his Snapchat, addressing the matter again.

“Let me clear this up, I know that was tough,” he said.

“It was 4am in the morning, it was a little [drunk] and obviously I typed that the wrong way.

“Let me rephrase this for that hater. You know who you are, that particular hater. There’s one of you or maybe two of you that keep watching my story, so you can have something to hate on.

“Choke yourself. It’s me saying it now, choke yourself.

“For the rest of my fans, my real fans, I love and appreciate you guys – I always have and always will.”

Usman last fought in November, beating rival Colby Covington for the second time.

Usman stopped the American in the fifth round of their first in-ring meeting, in December 2019, before outpointing him in another classic in the rematch.