Update: ”I am not missing”- 22-year-old Cross River University student says




22-year old Mass Communication student of the Cross River University of Technology, Priscilla Ojong, has dismissed claims that she is missing.


Friends and relatives launched a search for her online after she remained incommunicado for three weeks, stating that she allegedly travelled from Calabar to Lagos State on the invitation of a male friend. Read the initial report.


In a video she uploaded on her Instagram today, Ojong said she was in Calabar and not Lagos as speculated. According to her, she has remained incommunicado because her phone is bad.


”There is a rumor going on that I am missing. Actually I am not missing. My phone was actually bad.

Secondly, I am not in Lagos. I am in Calabar. My phone was actually bad. You know the way iphone behaves. It goes off on its own. So I had to swap. I had to wait for a while before doing the swap because I had no money with me. You know if you want to swap you would have to add extra money. That is why I haven’t been active for a while.

Please, I am alive, strong . I am very healthy. Please just stop spreading the rumor that I am missing”

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