Watch Drew Barrymore’s Teary Reunion With Ex-Husband Tom Green Drew Barrymore as friendly exes.


Drew Barrymore brought her ex-husband Tom Green on her talk show for an emotional reunion.


Drew Barrymore Has a “Charlie’s Angels” Reunion on New Talk Show

There’s nothing but love between Drew Barrymore and ex-husband Tom Green!

The former couple, who met on the set of their film Charlie’s Angels, married in 2001 but split up just a year later. Despite the nearly 20 years since their short-lived marriage, Drew brought Tom onto The Drew Barrymore Show for an emotional reunion. (Tom’s dog Charlie even joined the pair in the studio!)

In the interview, Tom shared how “happy” he and his family was for Drew’s new, positive talk show. Drew sent love to Tom’s family and shared a special memory from their time together.

“I’ve had two nights of great sleep in my life, before my daughters were born. Sleep has been like a weird thing for me. I remember this night, just being so content. It was at your parents’ lake house. I remember hearing all their voices upstairs, and I was just by myself. I remember thinking, ‘This is what safety and [being content] feels like before you’re going to sleep,'” she explained to Tom, getting teary-eyed at the memory. “I love your parents, and I really love you. When you say 20 years, sometimes, it’s the blink of an eye. We’ve lived so much in the last 20 years.”

What fans may not remember is that while Drew and Tom married for real, they also staged an elaborate prank in which Tom proposed to Drew on the set of a November 2000 episode of Saturday Night Live. While the pair was supposed to wed on the show, Drew “left” Tom at the altar, after which Tom had a meltdown. Though it was all a prank, some outlets initially reported the stunt as real.

While Tom may be the first ex Drew brought on her talk show, she recently reunited with two other Charlie’s Angels cast members, Cameron Diaz and Lucy LiuThe trio has stayed close since filming their action movie and in 2019 showed up to honor Lucy as she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, along with Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle actress and friend Demi Moore.

“I couldn’t begin this journey without two women who have been a part of my heart for over 20 years,” Drew shared on her talk show. “We are friends, we are fellow angels.”

Apparently, Charlie’s Angels has the power to bond people together for life—even exes!

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