Watch the 819-HP Ferrari 812 Competizione Absolutely Tear It Up at Fiorano


There’s a new V12 Ferrari on the block. For the rest of us who don’t actually have hundreds of thousands to spend on a two-door, ultra-fast Italian toy, that mostly means a bunch of internet content featuring a two-door, ultra-fast Italian toy. In that vein, here is some video of the new Ferrari 812 Competizione absolutely going for broke around its home track of Fiorano. Because what else were you going to do on this lazy Friday at work?

a racing car on a roadNot only does the Competizione make an epic noise, but it also looks like it’s pretty good at powerslides too.

Here’s another clip of the souped-up 812 doing its thing around Ferrari’s own circuit followed by a solid four minutes of static studio beauty shots. Here, you’ll also see the Targa-top Competizione A–fancy.

In case you missed it, the 812 Competizione twins feature a fettled version of the 812 Superfast’s 6.5-liter V12, making 819 horsepower and revving to a sky-high 9,500 rpm. They’re actually the highest-revving road-going Ferraris to date. Like every other lightened-and-tightened Ferrari such as the 488 Pista, F12tdf, 458 Speciale, and so on, the Competizione has been, well, lightened and tightened. Ferrari has shaved 84 pounds total compared to the Superfast and threw on a bunch of carbon aerodynamic pieces, including a patented and non-transparent vortex generator setup where the rear window would usually be.

Those intrigued right now, however, can probably go ahead and put down the checkbook. According to Top Gear, only 999 Competiziones and 599 Competizione A’s will ever be built and–surprise, surprise–they’re all sold out.

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