Watch the New BMW M4 Convertible Prototype Go Full Send on the Nürburgring


The styling of the new BMW M4 is understandably controversial. Criticized for being overwrought at the front and boring at the rear, its design has dominated the conversation. But we still haven’t officially seen what it’ll look like as a convertible. Based on this video, though, we can see that it’ll be just like the coupe: Ruthlessly fast, shockingly composed, and painfully ugly.

 Automotive Mike on YouTube It hasn’t been officially released, but the M4 looks serious flying around the Green Hell.

The video, shot at the Nürburgring, shows an M4 convertible prototype doing development laps. It’s moving with the kind of precise speed that stunned us during a recent track test at Lime Rock Park. This new platform handles big power well, offering supercar speed in a usable package. But the Road & Track staff mostly agrees that there’s something missing here. It is quick, easy to drive fast, and balanced. Yet the engagement and feel of old M cars remains elusive to the modern M4, replaced by computerized everything and numb steering.

Don’t expect a convertible version to change much. The drop-tops have historically been scorned by the most dedicated enthusiasts for the accompanying reduction in stiffness and increase in weight. Automakers are getting better at minimizing the differences, but there’s no reason to believe that a convertible version will provide any more feel. Just enough wind rush to avoid how dull the exhaust note is. Still, at least it looks plenty comfortable on a track.

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