18 Shoe Models in the World.


The footwear industry is going through a boom and flourishing day and night. People are becoming more and more fashion conscious and prefer different shoes that match their outfit and the particular occasion to make a style statement.

A correct pair of shoes can easily define your personality as it is an extension of your taste and fashion sense. An excellent selection of shoe brand gives you an aura of class, respectability and status symbol.

We must go through several criteria like brand, durability, material, style, design, price, and comfort level before buying shoes. Footwear is being made for different occasions to suit particular needs like sports, formals, casual wear, and trendy. Several of the reputed shoe brand have taken help of the latest technologies to make innovative products that are very comfortable to wear.

1) Nike

Shoes Brands - 1

Nike is the largest supplier in the global arena for athletic shoes. This billion-dollar multinational shoe brand is one of the most valuable and recognized companies of the year 2018. It is known for its durable, stylish, attractive and expensive casual and sports shoes that have flexible and cushioned lift.

Nike is an American origin corporation that was founded in the year 1964 by its co-founders Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. This public company has spread its product reach to most countries of the world and operates via headquarters base at Washington County in the United States. Nike is associated with apparel, accessories and sports equipment and is known worldwide for designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling of footwear and other items.

Nike is a firm believer of celebrity endorsements and sponsors several players like Neymar, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Tiger Woods, and Rory Mcllroy. It is also the official kit sponsor since the year 2005 for Indian Cricket Team. The brand encourages its employees to participate in community development programs.

2) Adidas

Shoes Brands - 2

Adidas offers an ultra comfy pair of shoes that are stylish, flexible and versatile with a great cushioning system that helps its wearer to run the extra mile effortlessly. It has used advanced technology in preparing its footwear and currently is one of the prominent manufacturers of sports, lifestyle and running shoes.

Adidas is a German origin company that was founded in the year 1924 by its founder Adolf Dassler. It has spread its product reach to most countries of the world and handles its transactions via headquarters base at Herzogenaurach in Germany. The billion-dollar shoe brand is associated with apparel and accessories industry as it deals in manufacturing and designing of footwear along with other related items.

Adidas sponsors UEFA Champions League and New York Yankees. It is the equipment and clothing provider for all teams participating in Major League Soccer. The brand has been associated with Sachin Tendulkar, Kevin Pietersen, Lionel Messi, Ravindra Jadeja, Ivan Lendl, Steffi Graff, Stefan Edberg, Ian Bell, and Jake Dalton.

3) Jordan

Shoes Brands - 3

If you are looking for latest pair intent on making a fashion statement then Jordan is your brand. This multinational company needs no introduction in the footwear industry as it is the ultimate choice of several sportsperson and athletes.

Jordan has a diversified product portfolio that includes durable and attractive footwear with appealing style and distinct designs. The American origin company was founded in the year 1984 by its founder Michael Jordan and currently is a subsidiary of its parent company Nike. The brand is associated with designing, manufacturing, and marketing of apparel as well as basketball shoes.

The high-profile shoe brand Jordan has made sponsorship deals with several well-known figures like Carmelo Anthony, Jimmy Butler, Blake Griffin, and Chris Paul. It sponsors leagues like WNBA, NASCAR, NFL, and MLB.

4) Reebok

Shoes Brands - 4

Reebok is all about fitness and working towards the extra mile with its inspiring and innovative product portfolio. The brand has made a successful transition from only traditional footwear to include fitness as one of its important criteria in footwear manufacturing.

Reebok was founded in the year 1958 by its co-founders Jeff and Joe Foster. Since the year 2005, it has been a subsidiary brand of its parent company Adidas. Reebok deals in designing, selling, producing and distributing CrossFit, running and fitness footwear as well as sportswear. It serves a worldwide area with headquarters based at Boston in the United States.

Reebok is the official footwear sponsor of Spartan Race, CrossFit, and Ultimate Fighting Championship. It has sponsored kits for Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings during the Indian Premier League. The billion-dollar brand has roped in several celebrities to endorse its products like Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Gigi Hadid.

5) Vans

Shoes Brands - 5

A good pair of shoes is the one which is seamless and appeals both performance wise and aesthetically. Vans offer super-stylish footwear that is durable and comfortable. It has targeted elite athletes with specially designed sports footwear and the younger generation with its contemporary and diverse product range.

Vans, an American origin company deals in manufacturing of apparel and skateboarding shoes. It was founded in the year 1966 by its co-founders James Van Doren, Gordon C Lee, and Paul Van Doren. Vans operate as a subsidiary of its parent company VF Corporation.

Vans have created positive brand awareness with event sponsorships and creation of skateboarding parks. It has been sponsoring The Warped Tour since the year 1996 and the legendary shoe brand is the title sponsor of US Open of Surfing in the year 2014.

6) Converse

Shoes Brands - 6

The Converse is one of the most easily recognized shoe brands of its time and this is because of its Star insignia. Wrap-around strip, smooth and rounded toe, rubber sole, distinct features, and unique design has made the brand a household name in recent years. Some of the important additions to its product portfolio are The Weapon, Pink Floyd, The Clash and Grateful Dead.

The Converse is an American origin company that was founded in the year 1908 by its founder Marquis Mills Converse. It operates as a subsidiary of its parent company Nike Inc since the year 2003. The brand Converse is associated with apparel, accessories and sporting goods as it deals in the production of lifestyle brand footwear, skating shoes and other products.

The converse is a billion-dollar establishment that has spread its product presence to more than one hundred and sixty countries and handles its operations via headquarters base at Boston in the United States. Celebrities who have proudly worn a pair of Converse include Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, and Snoop Dogg.

7) Under Armour

Shoes Brands - 7

Under Armour has targeted men, women and especially the younger generation along with professional players as its target customers. The brand is known for unique styles and attractive designs.

Under Armour is an American origin company founded in the year 1996 by its founder Kevin Plank. Its products are easily available in numerous world markets as the company handles its operations via headquarters base at Baltimore in the United States.  The world famous million-dollar company manufactures, distributes, develops and markets performance apparel, casual shoes, running shoes, performance training footwear, basketball shoes, slides, cleated and sports shoes.

The brand participates in philanthropic activities via its organization UA Give Back. It is associated with “UA Power in Pink” organization that fights against breast cancer. It has entered into several sponsorship deals with famous personalities like Memphis Depay, Andre Green, Patty Mills, and Cody Bellinger.

8) Puma

Shoes Brands - 8

Puma designs and manufactures skating shoes, sports shoes, and casual shoes that are known for durability, comfort, style, and designs. It is a renowned brand that offers its products for training and fitness, running, football, basketball, motorsports, and golf.

Puma is a German origin company that was founded in the year 1948 by its founder Rudolf Dassler. It has a comprehensive product portfolio that is easily available to its customers in one hundred and twenty countries of the world. The company manages its operations via headquarters base at Herzogenaurach in Germany.

Puma has entered into sponsorship deals with several celebrities like Diego Maradona, Virat Kohli, Boris Becker, Colin Jackson, Martina Navratilova, and Hector Bellerin to endorse its brand and products in the international market.

9) New Balance

Shoes Brands - 9

New Balance is an amalgamation of fashion and function. It is a premium brand offering stylish, durable, comfortable and expensive casual and athletic footwear. The company has integrated technology with innovation and now its products are equipped with heel counters, blended gel-inserts and a great range of sizes especially related to wide/narrow widths.

New Balance has the distinction of being one of the largest manufacturers of sports footwear in the world. It is an American origin company that was founded in the year 1906 by its founder William J Riley. New Balance manages all its operations via headquarters at Boston in the United States.

The company sponsors several personalities like Dale Steyn, Mathew Wade, Matt Reid, and Trayvon Bromell and teams like National Football Team of Panama to promote brand awareness.

10) Skechers

Shoes Brands - 10

Skechers has the distinction of being the third largest brand in the United States related athletic footwear. This billion dollar company has reached new heights in recent times because of its active and casual footwear. It offers a balanced assortment of merchandise that is available at a reasonable price range due to economical sourcing base.

Skechers is an American origin company that was founded in the year 1992 by its founder Robert Greenberg. It is associated with the footwear industry and deals in lifestyle as well as performance footwear. The shoe brand has nearly nine hundred styles and designs for its esteemed customers in its diversified product portfolio.

Famous personalities attached with brand Skechers are Camila Cabello, David Ortiz, Kelly Brook, and Brook Henderson. It participates in charitable activities via “The SKECHERS Foundation”.

11) Johnston and Murphy

Shoes Brands - 11

Johnston & Murphy offers both casual style and traditional dress shoes to its customers. The most important features of this shoe brand include an extra insole that is also removable, additional cushioning, lightweight, and moisture-wicking.

Johnston & Murphy is an American origin company that was founded in the year 1850 by its founders William A Murphy, James Johnston, and William J Dudley. It is associated with apparel and footwear industry and deals in designing, distributing and marketing of footwear as well as other items. The company caters to both male and female customers and has launched several special items for them.

Johnston & Murphy has a diversified product portfolio that can be purchased from one hundred and sixty-eight locations of the world and also from online portals. The company has a headquarters base at Nashville in the United States.

12) Bostonian

Shoes Brands - 12

Bostonian is one of the oldest shoe brands in the world and is known for its timeless style and continuous innovation. Classic cut and excellent materials have been used to create a diversified product portfolio that includes boots, shoes, slip-on, and lace-ups.

Bostonian is a historic brand launched by The Commonwealth Shoe Company that was founded in the year 1825. Currently, it is a subsidiary of its parent company C. & J. Clark or simply Clarks.

The American origin company launched this high-profile brand in the year 1899 and since then has moved forward with great zeal and a focus on crafting exceptional footwear for the present and future generation. It is a true reflection of classic American heritage.

13) Fila

Shoes Brands - 13

Fila is an iconic company that offers exquisitely textured products of unconventional design that has a distinct echo of excellence, innovation, and craftsmanship.

An Italian origin company Fila was founded in the year 1911 by its founder Johan Fila in Italy. Currently, it operates under the umbrella of Fila Korea in South Korea and has set up headquarters base at Seoul in South Korea. Fila Korea has the rights to us footwear of its current acquisition.

Fila sponsors’ events like The BMW Open in Germany and The Sony Open held in Miami, and individual players like Kin Clijsters, Carsten Ball, Timea Babos, John Isner, Bjorn Borg, and Svetlana Kuznetsova.

14) LeBron

Shoes Brands - 14

LeBron is the flagship line of footwear created specifically for basketball. It was introduced by American origin company Nike to honor its association with legendary American basketball player James LeBron. Since its inception, the company has been continuously evolving its technology so that it can offer something special to its customers.

The company has amalgamated existing technologies and the latest innovations to create a signature product in a flawless manner. The shoes are solidly built, with best available cushioning from a unique material. The company has paid special onus on the toes to create a perfect balance for the wearer.

LeBron takes part in philanthropic activities via several non-profit organizations like “The LeBron James Family Foundation”.

15) Testoni

Shoes Brands - 15

Testoni has been able to create a name for itself as one of the best in the footwear industry.  All its products are made with help of distinct knowledge of Bolognese craftsmen, antique methods and rigorous selection of the perfect material. The brand gives due emphasis on aesthetic design and original solution.

Testoni is an Italian origin company that was founded in the year 1929 by its founder Amedeo Testoni. The company has spread its product reach from Italy to several countries like Indonesia, China, Japan, and Russia.

The high profile luxury brand has created some of the finest footwear in the world. Its important features include lightweight shoes like a feather and guaranteed insulation from humidity, cold and heat.

16) Berluti

Shoes Brands - 16

Berluti is a world-renowned shoe brand that retails designs and manufactures an exclusive brand of luxury footwear solely for men.  It is known for individual designs, precise cut, best fabric selection, distinctive shape, and unique leather finishing. Berluti offers a wide and diversified product range that includes boots, derbies, and loafers.

Berluti is an Italian origin company that was founded in the year 1895 by its founder Alessandro Berluti. It operates as a subsidiary of its parent and owner company LVMH from its headquarters based in Paris in France.

Several famous celebrities have been associated with this prominent shoe brand Berluti as its distinguished clients include personalities like Roman Polanski, Marcel Proust, Frank Sinatra, and Jean Cocteau.


Shoes Brands - 17

ASICS is a Japanese origin corporation that was founded in the year 1949 by its founder Kihachiro Onitsuka. It is a billion-dollar worth multinational company and is associated with sports equipment and footwear.

ASICS started its operations manufacturing basketball shoes but with time has expanded its products to include footwear for other sports also. Its running shoes are ranked as one of the topmost performance footwear in the consumer market.

ASICS sponsors several international players from different sports like Tyrone Smith in athletics, Novak Djokovic in lawn tennis, and Shane Watson from cricket.

18) Tommy Hilfiger Shoe Brands

Shoes Brands - 18

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the leading and pioneer brands in the world that proudly celebrates the cool and preppy style of classic American heritage. It is an American origin company that deals in manufacturing and designing of apparel, accessories, and footwear.

Tommy Hilfiger operates as a subsidiary of its parent company PVH and was founded in the year 1985 by its founder and namesake Tommy Hilfiger. Its products are available in ninety countries of the world and the company operates via headquarters base at New York City in the United States.

The brand has been the recipient of several awards and recognitions like UNESCO Support Award for philanthropic activities in the year 2009, No 1 Designer in the year 2008, and Designer of the Year in the year 2006.

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