21 Traditional Cameroonian Foods to Entertain you for this weekend.

  • Cameroon Food- 21 Traditional Cameroonian Food.Cameroonian Recipe Roundup
  • Everything from easy one pot recipes, to traditional  and  Sumptuous. You will be thrilled with this list
  1. Ndole- At the top of my favorite Cameroonian food is Ndole. Oh yes! And it’s rumored to be the un-official Cameroon National dish . Ndole2. Poulet D. G – Forget about le Directeur General (boss) .Anyone  can make this Elitist Chicken dish . It’s now available in every restaurant in Cameroon.  3. Ekwang – It might be tedious to make but it sure worth the effort .Magic happens when grated cocoyams in cocoyam leaves  and cook in with dried fish , crayfish and palm oil . I dare you to resist going back for more.

4. Achu soup a very controversial dish . You need the just the right technique to get in going in less than no time .

5.Sese plantains aka turning plantains-  This is a life saver in my home. Everyone loves it and so easy to put together.Sese Plantains6. Accra Banana- Nothing better than a two ingredient recipe right? Comes together quickly with store bought grated cassava. . Check out this other whole wheat  accra here  Accra Banana   7. Add this Hot pot potatoes to your weeknight menu. With just a list of few ingredients you can have  dinner ready in less than no time all cooked in one Pot. Hot Pot potatoes

9. Jollof Rice aka Jellof Rice -Forget about the Jollof rice wars. Head over to the kitchen and make this easy version and let the haters fight while you eat . Oven Baked Jollof Rice

10. Kati Kati -Brace yourself you are going to forget all your manners when it comes to this chicken. And eat the bones too! No worries I don’t judge.

11. Egusi Soup with Cabbage- This egusi  is made with Cabbage  and nonetherless  delicious and healthier too! Cabbage Egusi Soup

12. Meat Pie– Who can say No to these Flaky pastry filled with minced beef, onions and aromatics. They disappear before you know it .

13. Koki Corn- Who says African Can’t be healthy? This  Koki corn is vegan , healthy and loaded with spinach. Koki Corn14. Mbongo Chobi- Get ready your plantains and  put aside all preconceptions about this black soup. The flavors all blend together and you will forget about the looks  once you dig in. Mbongo Chobi15. Kwacoco Bible– Cocoyams grated , fortified with fish , crayfish  wrapped in plantain leaves, steamed until cooked through. This will take you to the heart of the   Bakweri tribe . Get the recipe hereKwa Cocon BIble

16. Groundnut Sweet- You will go NUTS for these nuts . A must try street food.  15. Chicken Stew- Everyone needs a  good stew  in their repertoire , especially for Christmas. This doesn’t disappoint . Chicken Stew

16. Pepper Sauce -There are as many different Pepper Sauce in Cameroon  as there are cooks. Put this on EVERYTHING African pepper sauce

17. kondres- Don’t let the ingredient list fool you―this  one pot plantain wander  is quick to put together and leave your taste buds wanting more . Kondres

18. Eru- All you need is water fufu then you are all set for this  taste bud sensation. Eru Soup

20. Condensed milk cake- Not a traditional Cameroon recipe but one that you Must  have try. It’s indulgent , quick and easy. Condensed Milk Cake

21. Fish Roll- If you make these send some my way. Can’t seem to have enough of these. So000 addictive.  Fish Roll

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