5 Ways To Have A Perfect Date


We all love dates, don’t we? The excitement that comes with it. The thought of how things will turn out. We imagine being seated in a fancy restaurant, jazz music playing in the background, the light shining perfectly on our date’s face making him look as if he dropped from heaven…

With this excitement, also comes anxiety. You are worried that you’ll smile with some food on your teeth. Or you’ll talk and spit saliva on his face. If you are meeting for the first time, you are worried about how he’ll look or carry himself.

You don’t know whether to expect Obama’s brother or the opposite of that. Don’t overthink it though, here are tips to make your date awesome.

1. Don’t Sleep.

Yeah, I know you are wondering, who freaking sleeps on a date? Me. I did that once. The guy wasn’t boring or anything. I was tired and sleepy, told him to reschedule the date, but he refused. So as he talked, I’d dozed off.

When he asked what the problem was, I told him I had taken drugs that made me drowsy; medicinal drugs, haha. Don’t mind him though, he got a kid a few months later which means someone else was in the picture. Isn’t God a wonderful God?

2. Dress Comfortably.

We always go the extra mile to look beautiful. You wear a lovely dress, make your nails, and your hair, and you also want to impress your date. No matter how stunning you want to look, don’t wear something that makes you feel uneasy or edgy.

Get a mid-length dress instead of one that you keep pulling down. Get comfortable shoes that will allow you to walk like a normal human being. I have seen ladies in heels they can barely walk in and I have never understood why someone would embarrass and torture themselves like that. Don’t you love yourself? Also, go easy on the eyebrows. You don’t want to scare someone’s son.

3. Use Your Hands.

Have you ever tried using a fork and a knife, but your hands can’t cooperate? They are trembling and all of a sudden you have forgotten, what goes in which hand?

I have been there before and man did I get nervous. I almost wanted to tell him to turn and face the other side so that I could eat comfortably.

If the cutlery makes you anxious, just wash your hands and eat that meal as your mother taught you. It may seem as if you have no class, but it’s better you eat comfortably than in fear that the piece of chicken will fall off your plate.

4. Ask Questions.

If you are going to a fancy restaurant and you are not sure of the food they sell, there is no harm in asking before you order it. It is not embarrassing. You need to be sure of what is on your plate.

If your date is familiar with the meals, you can ask him to order something for you. You don’t want to later learn that you ate a frog or a snake.

It’s also okay if you misspell the names on the menu. How are you expected to know how to spell French and Italian dishes when you are used to githeri and fries?

5. Choose A Comfortable Venue.

If you are given the choice to choose a venue, pick a place where you can have a conversation without having to say ‘Sorry, what did you say?’. Or having to lean in closer so you can hear what he says.

Clubs are the worst place to meet for a date. You’ll be forced to communicate through signs. If you love nature or outdoor activities, you can try that. Or visit a restaurant like Shamba Café where you can dine in nature and enjoy great food.

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