We live in the digital age where we film most things if not everything about ourselves. How we wake up, shower, dress up, prepare breakfast, commute to work and everything in between to our Internet cousins.

6 Reasons Not To Overshare On Social Media

6 Reasons Not To Overshare On Social Media

Some of us know what strangers, which is what your followers are, at least for the most part, are up to. We are able to describe their day and life with certainty all because they provide this kind of content to us. As a result, you might feel some FOMO and even jump on the bandwagon. But should you?

False Reality

We’ve all heard stories about people who take pictures wherever they go and stock them for social media posts. When they visit a friend or anyone who lives in a lavish place, drive in their car or get access to an exquisite place they wouldn’t normally get, they snap away like nobody’s business.

They then schedule and post these images on a daily basis and because of the consistency, it makes you think that they are living the life. But, you don’t know them so you find it very convincing when you see people, particularly when you know them, “doing great” on social media.

Doing It For The Wrong Reasons

Some people have made peace with the idea of trading their privacy for money. It’s their way of earning a living and they have made it a profession. As such, whatever they put out, however, controversial, works for them. You need to ask yourself whether it works for you. Do you feel OK when you put out your posts or do you dread the thought of it?

Privacy Concerns

We’ve heard of how some people have landed in trouble because of oversharing. The devices we use now pick up everything so you need to keep up. Is it necessary to share your location always? Is it mandatory for you to show people what you are up to always?

Do you want people to know where you live? If these are mandatory and won’t get you into problems, then go ahead. However, even people who are obliged to disclose their locations for other reasons have some privacy measures in place to protect them from any eventualities.

No One Really Cares, Not Even Your Followers

The Internet is a funny place. Yes, we say it never forgets but then it moves on so quickly. One minute, everyone is focused on you and the next, it’s like you never existed. Unless you do something very controversial, or you are a big name, many people scroll by.

Well, they tend to leave you with a like or if they are so moved, a comment but that’s all. If you are posting pictures for that, well, you are doing it for the wrong reason.

It May Come Back To Haunt You

Social media is a good place if you use it correctly but it can also be the source of so much agony. We’ve heard of people whose activity on the platform caused them to their job or associations.

Recently, I came across a story where someone who worked at a very reputable company got fired over tweets he made when he was a teenager. And this theme is common nowadays. So be careful with what you share.

Unnecessary Pressure

If you burden yourself with always sharing, you are putting yourself in a stressful situation for no good reason. You do anything and everything to maintain the look and when the day comes when you cannot keep this up, you become anxious. People have reported anxiety and other issues as a result of their social media activity and this might well be you.