Breaking: Joe Biden overtakes Trump in Pennsylvania. Leads by 264 to 214 for trump



Breaking: Joe Biden overtakes Trump in Pennsylvania Joe Biden on Friday November 6, overtook President Trump in the race for the 20 electoral votes in Pennsylvania.


Biden currently leads Trump with 5,587 votes in Pennsylvania where the state’s 20 electoral votes would put him over the 270 votes needed even with a handful of other states still too close to call.


Prior to the recent update, Biden had been trailing Trump by about 18,000 votes in Pennsylvania. About another 30,000 votes from Philadelphia County remain uncounted, according to election officials.


Pennsylvania was among the most hotly contested states of the cycle, with both Biden and Trump making regular trips to the state for most of the campaign. Both candidates spent considerable time there in the final days of the race, with Biden holding a final rally in Pittsburgh the night before the election and making an additional two stops on Election Day.


Biden so far has 253 electoral votes and President Trump has 213. Biden had also taken the lead in Georgia where the vote counting is yet to be completed.

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