• A heartwarming video of a grateful bride who approached the DJ and praised him for his fantastic performance at her wedding has gone viral
  • The woman was seen expressing her appreciation to the young man while wearing her bridal gown, which demonstrated how much she valued his work
  • Many netizens who viewed the video remarked that the bride was very kind and wished her marriage all the best

A touching video of a generous bride who went out of her way to compliment the DJ and thank him for his outstanding work on her special day has captured the attention of many on TikTok.

The woman, who looked radiant in her elegant bridal gown, was seen approaching the young man with a smile.

She expressed her sincere gratitude for his excellent music selection and skills that made her wedding a memorable event.

Many netizens who watched the video were impressed by the bride’s kindness and thoughtfulness and showered her with positive comments and blessings for her marriage.

Watch the video below:

Here are some reactions:

@Carol97 reacted:

“Wow…may she always be happy in her marriage.”

Deborah said:

“Such a humble lady.”

Listar42 wrote:

“I’ve never seen such a humble being.”

Ndipo z0ona commented:

“That’s my baby sister thanks.”


“A rare gem.”

Cellastina Dorie:

“She deserves to be maried a million times.”

Yamie Magufuli Njema:

“Thats why i say marriage is not for every 1.”

Bride refuses to throw flower, gives single elder sister

Separately, a beautiful bride, @soni_royal, has shared a video of the moment she gave much honour to her elder sister on her wedding day.

When it was time for the bride to throw her flower into a group of bridesmaids and family members who were yet unmarried, the bride walked to her elder sister and handed the bouquet to her.

The sister got so emotional as she accepted the flower. Many wedding guests who were around for the ceremony cheered.Bride comes to thank the DJ. Photo credit: TikTok/@maximum_1 Source: UGC