• Kanye West is not a happy man as he states that an Instagram page has been leaking his unreleased tracks
  • The Praise God crooner disclosed that he was taking the matter to court and whoever is behind the account would pay
  • The father of four has strongly hinted that the page is run by people he used to work with

US rapper Kanye West is suing an Instagram account that has been leaking his music.

Kanye West moving to court to sue an Instagram user. Photo: MEGA. Source: Getty Images

Kanye West moving to court to sue an Instagram user. 

Kanye West’s legal action against the leakers

According to TMZ, in recently filed court documents, Kanye West has initiated legal action against unidentified individuals connected to the Instagram account @DaUnreleasedGod.

The lawsuit alleges that these individuals have wrongfully disclosed his trade secrets, particularly by sharing a substantial amount of Kanye’s unreleased music.

The complaint specifies that Kanye is unaware of the individuals responsible for the @DaUnreleasedGod account.

Kanye West’s confidentiality agreements breached

However, he strongly suspects that these individuals had previous working relationships with him, involving signing confidentiality agreements that granted them access to these unreleased tracks.

It is his contention that the leaks of this music constitute a breach of these confidentiality agreements.

Kanye West intends to update the filing with the names of the individuals behind the @DaUnreleasedGod account as soon as he can ascertain their identities.

From March 2023 onwards, Kanye West asserts that he has observed a total of 21 instances where his music was leaked through the Instagram account @DaUnreleasedGod.

Additionally, there were 11 more leaks attributed to the same Twitter handle.

These unauthorized disclosures encompass a wide spectrum of songs, including potential chart-toppers featuring DJ Khaled and DaBaby, unreleased tracks from the “Donda” and “Jesus Is King” albums, as well as reference tracks created for Rihanna and will.i.am.

Why were Kanye West, and wife banned?

Previously, the rapper and his beautiful wife Bianca Censori were allegedly banned from using the services of a Venice boat company for life over their indecent behaviour.

The couple recently went on a vacation in Italy.

They decided to take a boat ride in Venice, but that got them more negative comments.

Pictures shared on Twitter, formerly known as X by Daily Loud show the 46-year-old Donda rapper sitting with his trousers pulled down, exposing his behind to the paparazzi.

However, that was not the part that got them banned. Fans also noticed Ye’s 28-year-old wife Bianca crouched in front of his legs.

This had many thinking the couple were engaged in indecent activities while on the boat.

According to The Independent, the boat company issued a statement shortly after the video went viral and stated that both West and Censori had been banned from using their services for life.