Cheating Spouse Confessions That Will Leave You Shocked.


Cheating on someone can cause a lot of pain, not to mention often change one’s outlook on love. These cheating spouse confessions prove how infidelity can wreak havoc in a relationship, yet, there are still people who do it repeatedly. Is it because of lust? Ego?

Falling out of love with your partner? Here are 18 cheating spouse confessions that prove not all love stories end up happily ever after…

These cheating spouse confessions make you feel sorry for the unsuspecting partners…

Obviously, you need help.

At least you won’t have to hide anymore.

Since when is this something to be proud of?

Wake up! We don’t live in the 50s anymore! Besides, sticking together will only do more harm than good for your kids.

Good for you bro.

Only time can tell…

When is enough, enough?

Maybe being single is for the best.

When you just have to justify your misdeed. Then again, a sin is a sin.

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You’re one step closer to becoming better eventually.

Is this really the right decision?

Maybe it’s not too late to fight for her.

On the contrary, we’ll have to disagree with you.

Be fair. Let her go. She deserves someone who loves her 100%.

What’s your reason for feeling that way?

You know what they say about calling out a woman’s weight. Things could go ugly fast.

Stop wasting time with the wrong person. You both deserve to be happy.

Is this why you do it?

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