Edo 2024: Group wants SSG as Ighodalo’s running mate


A group called Masses Eye in Edo State on Monday said the current Secretary to State Government (SSG), Osarodion Ogie Esq. is the best bet as deputy governor if the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) is interested in retaining the state in the September 21 governorship election.

Convener of the group, Samson Momorin stated this in a statement issued in Benin where he described Ogie as a man after the heart of the common people in the state based on his activities as a government official.

He said the economic situation in the state and country has become unbearable and that the next administration needs a man like the SSG.

Part of the statement reads “My heart bleeds heavily for Nigeria. Ever since we got our independence in 1960, there have been little or no achievements in our country as we are still an undeveloped country.

We the masses have suffered a lot in the hands of our leaders who we rely on and put our trust on to lead us. Our leaders are so corrupt that they end up making empty promises that they never fulfill.

“So the masses think it is high time to stand our ground and make a choice on our own and that time is now.

“For a very long time, we have been deceived by impostors pretending to be good leaders who are painted good before us and imposed on us by those in top positions just because of their personal gains.

“Currently in Edo State, the governorship election is approaching. We the people in Edo State have decided that we don’t need a leader that will not be imposed on us.

“The PDP has picked its candidate which is the formidable and charismatic Dr Asue Ighodalo and he needs a running mate that will complement his capacity. We believe that person is no other than Barrister Osarodion Ogie who is currently the Secretary to the State Government

“Barrister Osarodion Ogie is very approachable and is always within reach 24 hours of the day. He has also helped a lot of people and has been able to restore other social amenities not only to the urban areas but also to rural areas. He is very considerate and pays attention to the needs of the masses and so, we the masses have decided that he is the chosen one sent by God to us, to be in the team that will succeed the current governor.”

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