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Top Tips On How To Let Your Children Dream BIG! - The Homeschool Cafe

It feels great to see your children taking a big leap forward. You begin to think that they are now ready to confront the world with focus, tact and determination.

My focus is on those coming home for vacation after their final examinations at primary and secondary school level. How to keep them in the productive lane and out of crime is my primary concern.

They are excited to come home, to get a break from the daily school routine, to have a feel of what freedom means to them.

They look forward to have all the peace there is in the world, to have enough time with their peers and to explore the world.

Most of them are teens or are about to join that age bracket. These have a lot of energy and curiosity. Most act in haste but with less hindsight. They might want to taste what they have not tasted before like going out to dance, drinking alcohol or even having sex.

These wild thoughts exist in the minds of these young people, and it is expected.

It calls for our attention and appreciation. We ought to prepare and intervene appropriately.

Both parents and children probably have totally different ways of looking at this situation. Both could be having plans they intend to carry out that they are not disclosing to each other in good time.

For this to be done well, both hearts and minds must meet. This can and should be achieved through meaningful dialogue done through a healthy conversation and listening to each other attentively and respectfully.

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