Great Ogban: A Visionary Leader Driving Progress in Cross River State



Throughout Nigeria,s history of governance, certain visionary figures have emerged as catalysts for
positive change, guiding their communities toward greater prosperity and progress. Among these
esteemed leaders stands Great Ogban, a pioneering public servant whose determined efforts have
left an enduring impact on Cross River State. From his tenure as the former Special Assistant to
Governor Ben Ayade to his current role as the Director General of the Microfinance and Enterprise
Development Agency, Mr. Ogban,s distinguished career exemplifies an unwavering commitment to
empowering youth, fostering economic growth, and enhancing the well-being of the people.

A Champion of Youth Empowerment
Mr. Ogban,s journey in public service began with a profound dedication to uplifting the youth of
Cross River State. Recognizing their tremendous potential, he embarked on a mission to provide
young citizens with the resources and opportunities needed to thrive in an increasingly competitive
environment. As the former Special Assistant to Governor Ayade on entrepreneurship development,
he spearheaded numerous initiatives focused on empowering youth through education, skills
training, and entrepreneurship development.
Under Mr Ogban,s exemplary stewardship, Cross River State witnessed a resurgence in programs
and policies centred on empowering youth. From vocational training programs to mentorship
opportunities and entrepreneurship schemes, his efforts reinvigorated the aspirations of countless
young individuals across the state. By nurturing talent and fostering innovation, Mr. Ogban
established a foundation for future generations of leaders to advance the state to new heights of

Pioneering a Business-Friendly Environment
In addition to his work empowering youth, Mr. Ogban played a pivotal role in enhancing Cross River
State,s business climate and attracting investment. Recognizing a thriving private sector as essential
for sustainable development, he tirelessly streamlined processes, reduced barriers to entry and
attracted investments to the state. Through targeted reforms and strategic partnerships, Mr. Ogban
helped foster an environment where businesses could flourish, generating jobs and stimulating
economic growth.
Mr Ogban,s efforts to make Cross River State more business-friendly have earned widespread praise
from local entrepreneurs and international investors alike, citing the state,s favourable conditions as
a testament to his commitment to progress. By championing innovation and entrepreneurship, Mr
Ogban has helped position Cross River as a beacon of opportunity in Nigeria, cultivating investment
and prosperity for all citizens.

Appreciation for Governor Bassey Otu,s Visionary Leadership

Amidst his remarkable achievements, Mr. Ogban readily acknowledges the pivotal role played by
Governor Bassey Otu in shaping Cross River State,s destiny. As a visionary leader, Governor Otu,s
unwavering dedication to governance and development has provided invaluable guidance for Mr.
Ogban,s important work. Under his leadership, the state has witnessed unprecedented
advancement across key sectors such as infrastructure, healthcare, education, and beyond.

Mr Ogban,s appreciation for Governor Otu extends beyond words as he remains committed to
supporting the governor,s vision for a prosperous and inclusive Cross River State. Together, they
stand as pioneering architects of progress, united in their dedication to serving the people and
advancing the state,s interests. Through their collective efforts, they have established a foundation
for a brighter future, characterized by opportunity, prosperity, and hope.

Current Role as Director General of the Microfinance and Enterprise Development Agency
In his current role as Director General of the Microfinance and Enterprise Development Agency, Mr.
Ogban remains steadfast in his commitment to fostering economic empowerment and inclusive
growth. Tasked with overseeing policies and programs supporting small and medium-sized
enterprises, he continues championing entrepreneurship and enterprise development in Cross River
Under Mr. Ogban,s exemplary leadership, the Agency has emerged as a beacon of hope for aspiring
entrepreneurs across the state. Through innovative financing mechanisms, capacity-building
initiatives, and strategic partnerships, the agency provides vital assistance to small businesses,
empowering them to thrive and contribute to the state,s economic prosperity.

Mr. Ogban,s distinguished career, from his tenure as Special Assistant to Governor Ayade on
entrepreneurship development to his current role as Director General of the Microfinance and
Enterprise Development Agency, stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to the people
of Cross River State. His visionary leadership, coupled with Governor Otu,s steadfast support, has
established a strong foundation for a future defined by opportunity, prosperity, and progress. As he
remains committed to empowering youth, fostering economic growth, and promoting inclusive
development, Mr. Ogban inspires generations as a shining example of principled leadership and
public service.


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